Friday 411 Updates: 7/30/2010

Largest collection of Hoboken business updates on earth!

Hoboken411 logo through the years - Friday 411 Updates: 7/30/2010Since Hoboken411 launched over four years ago – a force was set into motion that just cannot be stopped!

H411 has become a treasure trove of historical information: From political situations to business landscapes, Real Estate debacles, crimes, fires and much, much more (12,000 entries about 07030 is unparalleled).

Heck, “writers” treat 411 like an indispensable source of information (and they really should credit me – shame on them.)

But you realize after doing this day after day, month after month, and year after year – that this city evolves so fast, that being a one-man encyclopedia is an incredibly hectic position to have. Just covering current events and top stories is easy – what about the myriad of changes taking place in every corner of the mile square?

While Hoboken411 certainly has the new & closing businesses covered, keeping the existing entries (of around 2,000 businesses) up to date is a tough task.

As you can see, each story gets a certain amount of “air time,” and needs to have a particular level of importance to make the home page. Updating a business entry because they’ve changed their appearance doesn’t always “make the cut.”

I’ve made many changes (to the largest database of Hoboken entries online) in the past, however, I think it’s important to share what changes are taking place behind the scenes – even if it just serves as a friendly “reminder.”

With that being said – each Friday afternoon, I will share with you the various updates that happen from week to week. I will try to keep the “old” pictures, entries, doomed businesses intact – so that Hoboken411 can also be used as a historical reference book of “what used to be” in our fair city.

And I have some very exciting stuff coming by this Fall, so stay tuned!

Hoboken411 Business Entry Updates: 7/30/2010

  • Mary Michaels Salon – This salon (534 Garden Street), that has serviced women and men for years substantially updated their exterior. Also new expanded hours (7 days a week), and most importantly – added Noelia, who joined the salon after Annnette’s Salon closed after nearly 50 years in Hoboken!
  • The Taco Truck – Added the final exterior façade photo to the entry. A full review of the brick and mortar restaurant will come eventually. (Anyone want to contribute a guest review?)
  • Nag’s Head – This Irish bar owned by Barney Finnegan has been a staple of First St. for over 10 years (I was one of his FIRST customers!) Uploaded photo of the refreshed exterior. You remember what it used to look like?
  • Pizza Republic – They finally got their permanent sign, after having a floppy temporary sign for about a year! (And did you know “Pizza Republic” was named because of a contest here on Hoboken411?)
  • Choice Properties – I incorrectly stated they were doomed a few months ago, but quickly amended the entry – and updated the post this week with a nice, clearer photo. They still don’t have formal signage yet – will they move again?

You want your business updated on Hoboken411? Email me at – and I’ll add you to the queue! (God – that queue is SO long right now!)

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