Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby


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Allen Ginsberg Poem outside Maxwells

Random people plaster all sorts of “paper graffiti” throughout Hoboken. Whether it’s on utility poles, junction boxes, phone booths or empty storefronts. Like static on a TV set, what these printed messages say and mean are usually overlooked and blocked out by most passerby.

However, if you’re not too busy fiddling with your iPhone or chatting non-stop about “what she said” or “OMG, he did?” you might find some interesting discoveries.

Take this poem stuck onto a telephone box outside Maxwell’s on 11th Street: “Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby.” It was written by notorious poet Allen Ginsberg – who, if you read up on him – was quite a character. He read this poem at Mabuhay Gardens (“The Mab Fab”) in San Fransisco in 1977 – considered to be one of the premier punk rock venues in the 70’s and 80’s (like CBGB’s was in NYC). Ginsberg, however was most known for his poem “Howl.”

Ginsberg was real “radical” for his time – opening talking about sex, illicit drug use, harsh politics and more. His family was Jewish, but members of the communist party. He talked about his admiration for Fidel Castro and other Marxist figures. The guy was all over the map – but his following was rather strong – as you can see by this 33 year-old poem still alive in 2010.

Others may argue that this type of behavior and message may have been by design – to disrupt the very fabric and foundation of what America was “supposed to be.” By unraveling the respect of good rationale, a strong family and proper values – it may have been an integral part of weakening our country over the past five decades (hey – look at where we are today, right?)

Anyway – the poem is rather “NSFW” and quite explicit. So you can read the poem, and even hear his original reading of it back in 1977 – after the jump!

Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby by Allen Ginsberg

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Fantastic video. Everyone should watch it. Amazing no one gets it yet.


Allen Ginsburg was a useful idiot that would have been shot after serving his purpose, along with the rest of them.

(video added by admin)


Nice catch, 411. Those crazy rocker kids @ Maxwell’s keep things interesting, and thank God for that.