Concerns with Toll Brothers in Hoboken


Does Toll step on Hoboken residents for profit?

Toll Brothers has been a popular subject for quite a while in Hoboken – primarily because of their massive landscape-changing real estate construction projects in town. The Hudson Tea Building area and Maxwell Place being the most notorious.

However, along with these projects – come quite a few concerns from both tenants of said buildings, and nearby residents. Below is a summary of some recent goings-on with Toll:

Misleading Potential Customers?

Until recently, Toll Brothers ran the condo association at the Hudson Tea Building. Apparently, there were many areas on the exterior façade of the building that were in need of repair – and leaked during rain storms. From what some current residents have said – Toll failed to not only address the leaks – but also failed to make buyers aware of the problems.

Now that the condo association is owner-controlled, the repairs have finally been tended to – with talk of the HTB condo association suing Toll over the costs of repair.

I guess condo sales, profits and making shareholders happy was more important than the actual tenants that made such profits possible. Go figure.

Latest Construction Project

What some are calling another version of Toll “misleading” customers – the new construction project at 15th and Washington is underway. Why are some Harborside Lofts residents mad about this? Because they were promised that the other phase of this project (at 15th and Hudson) was supposed to start next – the building that’s supposed to contain all the amenities (fitness club, pool, residents club, etc.)

Instead Toll chose the current building, which will delay these “amenities” that Harborside customers were promised during the sales pitch – by at least five years or more. However, look at the bright side – when both buildings are complete – they expect 70,000 square feet of retail space – making it “the highest density retail shopping area in Hoboken.” Whether the economy is strong enough to support all the new residents and stores remains to be seen.

Stop Goosing Around!

Hoboken is thankful that the waterfront near Maxwell Place wasn’t completely gobbled up by buildings, but rather some basic park and pier amenities that are used by both tenants and visitors alike.

Besides enjoying the riverfront breeze and stunning views of the NYC Skyline (or watching miracle plane landings) – one major aspect to keep your eyes on, is the ongoing geese pooplets that pepper the walkway on a daily basis.

In the past – Toll had metal dog cutouts which helped keep geese away – as well as employed the “Geese Police,” which is the equivalent of simply allowing dogs run around the park. Residents believe this all came to an end – because “Toll was cheap,” and didn’t feel like providing these services to keep the park looking it’s very best.

Blighted Sidewalk Conditions

Believe it or not, Hoboken411 still gets emails from residents – who are miffed that the unfinished northwest corner of the Maxwell Place at 12th and Hudson remains “blighted.” Some expect that Toll should “move the pile of debris 20 feet over and install a sidewalk on 12th.” A Toll Brothers representative said “just use the sidewalk on the other side of the street.”

I guess in the grand scheme of things – it really is a minor issue. Just relaying what folks are thinking!

Fan of Toll Brothers? Bought or sold their stock recently?

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toll bros..the geese drop depth charges daily..the dogs are useless..let the mothers push their carrages around the green turds..there good better than nas car …If any one of these dreamers want open space ,,,,The Gobi desert has lots of room…,give it a break.
This was a small blue collar town 50 years ago..53 burned humans paved the way for the new invasion…arson by politics or just crazy vendettas??? Offered 4000 to relocate .kind of funny.4000 does not buy a love seat today. Not the fault of the reformers who came here to excape high taxes and oppression ,more than the mayors starting from model citys that started afforadable housing .in marine view clock and church towers applied.
mainly for fireman and police…Now the invaders come on to our shores and want to change the quality of life of so many honest working people.. God is good 😀


Yes, it is a big deal that Toll has left Hudson and 12th as a dump. Yes, it is dangerous that we have no sidewalks there. The Toll brothers rep who said, “just use the sidewalk on the other side of the street,” just proves Toll’s arrogance and total disregard for our community. The police continue to harass our community for parking for Starbucks, but there is no harassment to Toll for having their barriers and fencing in the street. Rather then harass our community, how about some harassing and fines to Toll to move their garbage. Who’s getting paid off on this one to leave Toll out of control? I agree with poster #1 and wish that I had never gotten involved with Toll.


After all of the bait and switch, I can’t believe that anyone would buy in a Toll building in Hoboken or anywheres else. Their projects never turn out as promised and many living in a Toll project look forward to their move out. Enough with Toll, they need to be run out of town once and for all. I wouldn’t be concerned about the fact that Toll isn’t building the amenties at Harborside lofts. Most likely they’ll be undersized and cheap like they built at Maxwell. At Maxwell, Tolls supposed premier project, residents live next to a dump and with substandard building conditions.


Regarding that pile of dirt and the highway barriers … that garbage has been sitting there for a long, long time. Really – it’s about time that the city put the screws to them and required them to restore the sidewalk. That is clearly supposed to be a public easement. And it was surely part of the deal in the papers allowing them to build Maxwell. Don’t be a bunch of putzes. If you’re not going to build on that plot for another five years, bring over a bulldozer and backhoe, move the dirt away and put down a few squares of concrete.

Why, Toll may ask, should they do this?

Because some day someone’s gonna be walking next to the highway barrier and get run down by a car that’s trying to beat the light going toward the river. And then they’re going to sue the living shit out of you, Toll, arguing that your failure to follow-through with what you promised was manifestly negligent. And then your insurance carrier is going to deny the claim because you failed to do what you promised to do, and put into your application paperwork a misrepresentation of what you were intending to do.

And then you’ll be out millions of dollars instead of a few thousand.

That’s why.


How much retail can Hoboken handle anyway? There are tons of empty shops on Washington, plus businesses come and go like a revolving door.

Most of my friends buy online. Cheaper and more convenient. But a UPS store would be helpful to handle internet returns. Not sure what to do with the 67,500 feet of retail space left over after that.