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Withings WiFi: The best scale on the market today!

Considering Hoboken411 is starting the Koko FitClub 60 Day Transformation Challenge this month – I decided to augment my fitness toolbox with an incredible device.

Withings WiFi body scale review Hoboken NJ

And since I somehow lost my Tanita body fat monitoring scale recently (how does that happen?) – I splurged on this incredible new device called the Withings WiFi Scale.

Has to be the most amazing and modern scale & body-fat monitor in existence. Not only does it look as slick and well-made as your typical Apple device – it works as advertised (and better!)

For one, the scale is as thin as they get (motivation anyone?) – and was the easiest 5-minute setup you can imagine. You plug it in, add your wireless network details – and it’s set to go in an instant.

What makes the Withings WiFi Scale special – beyond the phenomenal design, is the back-end applications that support the device. Once you set up your (private) account with Withings – everything else is automatic.

Here’s the premise: You step on the scale whenever you feel fit – and the device uploads all your relevant data to their private website – where you can track your weight, body fat % and lean mass. It charts everything for you in the most updated web-based application to date. Stunning. I won’t even get into what it can or cannot do at the moment – I’m too blown away!

Costly; but iPhone ready, and the best motivational tool

Just like the FitBit device (which is the modern version of the pedometer), this scale hits home – where people spend the most amount of time these days – in front of their computer. It also has an iPhone app that allows you to peruse your blubber from wherever you may be. Not bad!

I haven’t had the luxury of tracking my gravitational force for more than a couple days – but I can see this as a fantastic motivational tool for any fitness program. And from what I’ve read – the $150 dollar expense is well worth it since the scale works as advertised. The only one of it’s kind.

Anyone else own the Withings WiFi Scale? How do you like it?

Withings WiFit Body Scale website is very slick

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