Good Job Hoboken P.D.

This site isn’t all about bad news. At least we don’t want it to be.

A reader reported some good news about a vehicular breaking and entering last night. She said: “Don’t know if you caught it, but at about 9pm or so, there was a B&E to a Volkswagen in the area of 4th and Madison. PD was dispatched to the scene and apprehended 2 perps within minutes. Good job!”

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I’ve called the police several times. For noise complaints they were unhelpful and gave me attitude–though I earned it. For other issues they were good. The one time I called 911 they were fabulous–got to my house in under 2 minutes.


My opinion of the Hoboken Police is relatively good. All the officers I’ve encountered are professional and courteous.

I’ve called the police (non-emergency) three times in the past four years. Two of those times someone else called ‘911’ simultaneously and both times Hoboken PD was first on the scene. I would never discount our police departments ability to respond to an emergency.

I believe the problems are routed in policy. For example; I imagine the inconsistant enforcement of how close one can park to the curb is troublesome for both us residents AND the police. It must be hard for the police to enforce ordinances that are constantly changing. I imagine this ambiguity extends elsewhere and results in inconsistancies everywhere.

kooky kat

I’ve called the Hoboken PD (nbot 911) a few times for things happening outside of our apartment late at night (early morning.) Fights etc. The response time is almost immediate!


Maybe this site is putting some presure on them.Seems like a lot of Hobokenites are hip to it.

Now if this site could just make one child laugh it will have done its job…



But isn’t that what we pay them to do?