Another St. Anne`s Festival?


Jersey City Festival smaller; but features Sinatra Idol

Those interested in “Festival Hopping” might want to know that there’s also a Novena of St. Ann event happening right up the hill in Jersey City this weekend!

Sponsored by the Coach House North Bergen (where local Hoboken politicians make their back-room deals), this three day event starts on Friday, July 23rd – and ends on Sunday, July 25th. It even includes their own Procession with St. Ann as well (Sunday after Noon Liturgy)! The festival is located at Kennedy Boulevard and Congress Streets (see map below).

Ironically – while Hoboken’s St. Ann’s Festival kicked off last night with Latin Night featuring Ray Sepulveda, Jersey City’s festival kicks off with Hoboken resident Sinatra Idol Eric DeLauro. Seems a bit backwards, if you ask me.

Music Lineup:

But Jersey City’s festival is much smaller than Hoboken’s – and more of a community event that brings locals together, rather than rabble-rousing out-of-towners.

Quick Facts: Saint Anne was Jesus Christ’s grandmother. And did you know that Santa Ana, California is named after St. Ann?

Question of the Day: Why is it that most of the vendors that set up shop here at the Hoboken festival (or any other Hoboken festival for that matter) – aren’t even local to the mile square? How can we make this an exclusive Hoboken event that benefits local businesses? Is it too much trouble for them?

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But then they wouldn’t be able to pour their waste oil and grease down our storm drains.