Blast from the Past: St. Anns 2009


Will Cammarano guest bartend at St. Ann’s Feast this year?

As most of you are aware, the 100th Annual St. Ann’s Festival starts tonight (at 7th and Jefferson) – and runs through Monday, June 26th.

Today’s “blast from the past” is some video footage from last year’s St. Ann’s Feast – with (then) Mayor Peter Cammarano happily serving drinks to thirsty festival-goers.

August 3rd is the date that Cammarano gets sentenced for the crimes he pled guilty to back in April – does that mean he may make a guest appearance as bartender this year too? Or will the same mob of angry picket-sign holders stampede him?

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Former Mayor Pete Cammarano sentenced today to 24 months. And ya know what? I’d still take him over Zimmer.


whine — thats the sentence..but keep in mind martha steward the dirt bag liied in re to inside outside trading with her little toy boy and got siix months,,this was above and over peters sin…she now has her own tv cook show and line of cloths,,thats a piece of turd..bernie will be out of jail sooner than we think..martha was lying about millions .silly peter took 20…what a world we live in..and most u girls watch this huzzys show
on tv..peter is guilty but dwek is walking after wacking the public for 50, milll i still dont get it but let jekey paid cash figure that one out :mrgreen: [quote comment=”195583″]Former Mayor Pete Cammarano sentenced today to 24 months. And ya know what? I’d still take him over Zimmer.[/quote]


I find it interesting to consider where things stood a year ago; it’s a sort of fascination with the passage of time. All the information in the world is at our fingertips, and experts in every field can opine about what is ahead- but nobody knows for sure where we will all be in another year… I find that very cool. (well, maybe not for Cammarano)