City Council Meeting TODAY 11/13/2006

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See what Hoboken does to people? 411 over-reacted a bit today. Hey, we’re all human (I think).

Here’s a preview of what to expect today:

Following a Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority meeting last week that created more questions than answers, the City Council will once again be asked to support a 52 million dollar bond to fund the first phase of the St. Mary Hospital takeover. The Council has been handed no independent studies and no detailed plan of action to “save” the hospital.

The details about this Hospital plan seem to change at every meeting, and very few people watching the process have faith that the numbers being provided are accurate. Many believe the effort to “Save” St. Mary hospital is deeply flawed, and only designed to get the hospital past the next Mayoral election in 2008 2009. The hospital’s annual budget is as large as the City of Hoboken and the Hoboken School District combined. The no-bid contractors (who join with the developers to fill the Mayor’s campaign coffers) are salivating at the idea that they will now get professional service contracts from the new Hoboken Hospital.

Watch for Assemblywoman/Hospital Vice President Joan Quigley to fill the room with hospital employees to pressure the Council to pass the bond on First Reading, even though some of them may continue to express their doubts about the plan to save it. Then the big showdown comes in two weeks, when the council has it’s second reading, public hearing, and vote on the bond ordinance.

On the budget — seems there will be even more “Temporary Emergency Appropriations” because the budget has still not been adopted. The police department is also ordering up four shiny new Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The council will find out how much that will cost tonight at the caucus, but generally speaking the Police Chief has so much dirt on the Mayor and Council, he always get what he wants. It also helps when your sister-in-law is on the City Council.

The Council Caucus begins at 6pm, with the regular meeting underway at 7pm.

12:19pm EXTRA! EXTRA!!

This caught me by surprise, but there is a City Council Meeting TODAY instead of the usual Wednesday! When did they announce this? Do they have a reason or is this another political tactic to leave the public unprepared? And they’re doing it at 6pm instead of 7pm. If you want to attend, you should leave work EARLY.

PS, I just noticed they did the same thing last year the week before Thanksgiving. I guess it’s a normal occurance.

Didn’t have time study this in depth, but here’s the link to the AGENDA.

They’re covering the St. Mary Hospital $52,000,000 payout again. Also notable items on the agenda: renovations to chuch square park, (4) new Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and canceling taxes for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2006.

More on this later.

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Bob Janisewski (not sure on spelling) who was the Hudson County Executive was caught on tape taking a bribe in his hotel room at this convention several years ago. Good things happen to good people at this thing.


All the big shots this year will be at the Borgata.

I wonder if our mayor will be attending the session on
ethics? It is all about giving and not taking.


why do I have a feeling that our tax dollars finance this trip for several of the crooks in city hall?
I’d be really curious to see if dave roberts buddies manage to tag along on the citys bill (ie, john corea, even though this convention has nothing to do with his position)…

Red Haven
Red Haven

It’s actually at the AC Convention Center running Tuesday through Friday.