Cyclist struck by auto

On 4th and Bloomfield. Grey Nissan Maxima with PA plates going the WRONG WAY on Bloomfield struck a bicyclist. The rider didn’t suffer any injuries, but his bike is trashed. Damn out of state drivers!!

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Exactly right, Kat. Lady – throwing up even more signs isn’t going to help. If they can’t pay attention to simple clues like:

1. All the cars on the street are parked facing the same direction.

2. All the cars driving on the street are traveling in one direction.

…chances are they’re not going to notice a sign.

kooky kat

If you can’t figure out a what a one way street looks like from simply looking at which way the cars are parked you shouldn’t have a friggin’ license! I am from the midwest, and although I no longer drive, even I am not so retarded that I can’t tell when you are dealing with a one way street.


I do think that it wouldn’t hurt for Hoboken to have a few more “Do Not Enter” and “Wrong Way” signs around for these out of state idiots!


Sadly, it does lower the points – they’re practically doing the work for you. But if you look at it from a volume perspective, what you lose in points you make up for in the flood of staggering targets.


Too f**cking funny Yip Yap!!! I coundn’t agree more emarche. Can anyone say J-walking? How much for the drunk a**holes on the weekends. They’re pretty easy targets so does that lower the points?