Hoboken Week in Review 11/12/2006

Welcome new readers! Here’s what we touched on in the last week.

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News, items of importance:

    A man gunned down. Mayor painting pumpkins with kids. Story at 11.
  • I thought Elks were harmless
    They are. But somehow this location in town has had it’s share of violent headlines.
  • Small fire
    Kind of ruined a small building. No serious injuries.
  • Main. Mud. Marvelous.
    Pipe bursts. Mud and water everywhere. Welcome to Hoboken, how may I help you?

Town Government:

  • 130 Million dollars.
    No, not the current Mega Millions Jackpot. The proposed hospital budget! Yikes!
  • Parks or no parks?
    The ongoing saga regarding political promises, parks and pending public plundering.
  • Voting Locations
    Like a Ouija board, you can magically find where you need to vote.


  • Dubble ya Dubble ya Two
    On Veteran’s Day, they broke gound on a costly memorial by Sinatra Park. What was the turnout? 5?
  • SW Parks Fundraiser
    A great turnout for a great cause.
  • Good Kleen Fun
    Locals came and supported a friendly neighborhood business and got drunk in the process!

New or Coming Soon:

  • Pizza Pizza!
    We think Napoli’s, the new brick-oven pizza place will be a smash hit. Can’t wait!
  • Jubilee
    A NYC shoe chain coming to Hoboken to serve needy and trendy women!
  • Shredded Pig
    Joey’s BBQ finally opened. See what the first brave tasters had to say!
  • Big Fun, New Owner
    Long time Hoboken establishment changes hands.
  • Seize a menu
    Carpe Diem, the bar in the boondocks, adds a nice looking menu to their repertoire.
  • Da Da
    Da Vinci gets gutted. New name and look to follow in three months.
  • Princess Lhea
    Korean entrepreneurs import lotions into Hoboken.
  • Anthology
    New clothing shop unlocks the door.
  • Down Under
    “The Basement Bar” is what appears to be replacing the old laundromat.


  • We promise to feature doomed places this week!


  • Zack’s
    The only food review last week. Good food, good service, reliable Hoboken restaurant

Fun, Games and Random Observations:

  • Company K
    Hoboken Historical Museum providing our town with things to do other than drink.

  • Rutgers
    NJ College Football is on the map for the time being.

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Check the Incident Map
    Fires, stabbings, shootings and old ladies falling down. All in one easy-to-swallow pill.


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