Transform your body in 60 days: Update

8/24/2010 Update:

Koko keeps you motivated & has a great plan

Wanted to give a brief update about how the Koko Fitclub 60-day challenge is going so far. Hoboken411 is approaching the halfway mark of the challenge and I’m excited to say this system works.

Koko Fitclub body assessment BodyGem Microlife BMR machine Hoboken NJ

For starters – each member that joins can choose to have a comprehensive body assessment done.

This includes physically measuring various key points on the body (waist, legs, arms, etc.) A body fat analysis is done using a sophisticated scale with sensors touching both your feet and your hands. It even measures visceral fat (the really bad kind). Lastly, a device is used to calculate your resting basal metabolic rate (pictured above). I wasn’t surprised to learn that I burn nearly 3,000 calories a day just laying in bed. No wonder I have a ferocious appetite!

Once you’ve completed the assessment, each member must partake in what’s called the “Koko Foundation,” a brief two week program that is used to tailor your workouts based on your initial strength and performance on the Smart Trainer machines. After that, you choose one of five fitness paths you want to take. I’ll go more into that another time. My halfway point strength assessment and body measurements are in about a week. I feel so good since starting this program, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I’m exceeding my own expectations. I’m not even weighing myself at home despite having a really innovative WiFi scale. I’ll wait till after my first check-in.

Omron Body Fat Scale used at Koko Fitclub in Hoboken NJ

Why Koko Fitness works for me so far:

  1. The automated “personal trainer” has a peculiar effectiveness. The fact you have to focus on a computer screen keeps you in tune with the workout, and not the rest of the gym. You almost don’t think about it too much, you’re more concerned with keeping the repetition pace in-line with what the screen tells you.
  2. The workout intensity increases very gradually. You’re not punished to the point of pain or frustration. Read this link about the myth of “no pain no gain.” Very interesting. By staying with the program instead of “rushing to achieve unrealistic results,” you improve your chance at succeeding tenfold.
  3. Since the workouts aren’t miserable by any means, you don’t get discouraged or turned off. I’ve made each workout without hesitation – and have actually tried to increase my frequency.
  4. Quick and efficient. This is key. As you get to know the equipment, the speed of your workout increases. I can now get the smart-trainer portion of the session done in about 30 minutes plus the cardio – I’m always in and out in under an hour.
  5. Cardio during the workout. The Smart Trainer doesn’t really allow “rest” between sets (other than switching the machine for the next set). You work up a substantial sweat and heart rate during the strength training portion.
  6. Minor Goals: The fact that the Smart Trainer gives you a “progress bar” (sort of like downloading a file on the internet) – you have a clear idea of how much you’ve completed, and how much is left. This gives you incentive to keep going, knowing that “it’ll be over soon.”
  7. Major Goals: It’s great they break down each “phase” into easy to digest nuggets. The foundation is two weeks, and each session thereafter is 8 weeks. It tabulates your completed sessions and how many you have left until the next one. This provides incentive because the goals are not impossible. At worst, each level of achievement is 8 weeks – but you can easily attain your goal in less time by just going to KoKo one extra day every other week.
  8. More on interaction. Some people are good at keeping records. Whether it’s on a clipboard or on your iPhone – tracking your progress is very very helpful. Koko takes 100% of the headache out of tracking. It’s fun to see your stats build up, and painless to maintain. A win-win all around!

Back with my mid-term progress report next week! I’m sure I’ll have great news to share!


Never too late to transform you body!

Hoboken’s newest fitness center Koko Fit Club at 1320 Adams Street (at the uptown commerce center) has been steadily gaining members, who are pleased with their positive results of the customized workout plans and tracking system. Even folks who have tried and tried to consistently maintain a fitness regimen and have failed – are havin great success at KoKo.

Starting August 1st, and running through September 30th, Koko Fit Club introduces their first “60-Day Body Transformation Challenge.”

It’s available to both non-members and members alike. Call it a “mid year resolution” to get your health quickly back on track. Not only will you have the unique structure of the Koko Smartraining program, you have added accountability and participation by competing with other Koko members. A fun way to increase motivation and involvement.

Hoboken411 will be participating in this challenge, and will report back periodically over the summer with results and milestones (hopefully!)

Read more about the Koko Body Transformation Challenge below!

Koko Fit Club Hoboken NJ 60 day body transformation challenge

Koko FitClub 60 Day Body Transformation Challenge

Program leverages technology, competition, and charity to inspire results

“Koko FitClub of Hoboken, located at 1320 Adams Street in Hoboken, NJ, announced the “Koko Body Transformation Challenge.” The new fitness program is designed to provide real results in 60 days, addressing the key components of exercise success that traditional gyms lack: specifically nutrition, performance tracking, accountability, and personal motivation.

koko fitclub logo small 411According to Koko FitClub of Hoboken owner Michael Ander, “The Koko Body Transformation Challenge delivers results while striking the right balance between accountability and flexibility. To ensure results, we need to complete the picture for our members, addressing factors both inside and outside the club. Our goal is to empower people to change their bodies, while keeping it fun, affordable, and simple to actually implement and complete.”

The Koko Body Transformation Challenge utilizes Koko’s patented Smartraining System as its core exercise program. The system designs a 60-day, precisely customized Smartraining program spanning 24 sessions for the participant. These safe, progressive strength and cardio programs are individualized to the user’s specific needs, goals and abilities, thus removing confusion and anxiety. The member simply plugs a personal Koko Key into the club’s patented strength and cardio equipment, and is instantly guided and coached throughout each personalized workout.

To round out the Body Transformation Challenge, periodic one-on-one “accountability sessions” are included. During these milestones, Koko staff assess the member’s strength level, perform various measurements, set goals, develop a plan, and track their progress. Accountability sessions include comprehensive body measurements, body composition analysis, and metabolic rate testing—crucial pieces of information for the proper design and implementation of an integrated fitness and nutrition plan.

Koko Fitclub training hoboken nj

Koko’s Body Transformation Challenge also offers social motivation through the integration of a charitable fitness tournament. Participants are divided into teams to compete for a selected charity. Teams “play” each other in a virtual league that encourages them to come and use the club, with the winner of each game determined by “Koko Points” earned that week. Says Ander, “One powerful aspect of the Koko System is its ability to track performance with such specificity. Koko Points are perfect for scoring matchups; they objectively measure behaviors that we want to promote, namely attendance and proper execution of the exercises prescribed for members.”

The Koko Body Transformation Challenge provides a level of service that would normally cost several thousand dollars, at a fraction of the price. The program is priced at $299 per participant, including a 60-day membership to Koko FitClub of Hoboken for the first 50 participants. All participants are invited to a free “Nutrition 101” seminar, hosted at Koko FitClub of Hoboken with a registered dietitian. Current Koko members can upgrade for a special rate of $99, with total participation capped at 100 people. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to the winning team’s charity of choice.

The Koko Body Transformation Challenge runs from August 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010. Those interested can contact Koko FitClub at (201) 683-8455 to reserve space now, and visit Koko for a free demo and consultation before the registration deadline. Online and in-person registration begins on July 19, 2010 and will remain open until July 31, 2010. Those who register early may utilize the club immediately, giving them up to two free weeks of additional membership.

For more information on the Koko Body Transformation Challenge or to sign up on the pre-registration list, please visit Charitable organizations wishing to be featured, or corporations willing to discuss sponsorship opportunities are encouraged to contact owner Michael Ander, at the number above.

About Koko FitClub

Koko FitClub is for the millions of people who want all the benefits of exercise but don’t have the time or energy to figure out a plan that works. The company’s genesis in 2003, according to President and Co-Founder Mary Obana, was the realization that, “Traditional gyms don’t work for the vast majority of the population, who don’t have time, and don’t know what to do.” Seven years and $10,000,000 worth of research and development later, there is a solution. The Koko Smartraining System.

Says Obana, “It’s revolutionary fitness technology that actually gets people fit. Think of it as a computerized personal trainer ready to coach you through a custom designed fitness program, geared for your needs, all on your schedule.” Obana’s husband and Koko Co-Founder Mike Lannon adds that this technology, exclusive to Koko FitClub, “tackles head-on the biggest issue in this country: an aging, overweight population.” For more information on Koko FitClub and its Smartraining System, visit

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 5:15 pm

I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I joined the 60 day challenge and i must say i was a bit skeptical that I would see or feel results quick enough to keep me motivated as I am definitely someone that has a hard time staying in a gym program. I sit pretty much all day at a desk, as i am sure most of you do, and i really needed to find a way to fit in working out. After two weeks of 3 strength training session a week I could feel a huge difference in my body. I felt stronger overall and motivated to eat better and to continue with the program. This program provides and invaluable service to someone who has limited time in a day/week to work out: an efficient straightforward and even fun workout. The 30 minutes I spent there a day was not spent questioning what I was doing and if I was doing it right, which is what goes through my mind during most work outs. We all idealize a world where we practice yoga every morning and fit in a 10 mile run during our day, but most of us are not that person. This work out makes the most of the 30-45 minutes you put into it. I guess the best thing I can say is that it is not a waist of your time or money and will make a difference in your body.

Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Reply to  hoboken411
Thursday, September 2, 2010 7:10 pm

Congrats on reversing the “man pear” effect![quote comment=”196966″]9/2/2010 Update:This week, I had my first strength assessment and measurement from the first baseline test a month ago.Some key numbers: 20%
8 lbs
Down 2.5% percentage pointsThe other body measurements were almost the same (the muscle gain – fat loss negated any size difference, but two notable measurements were: down 2 inches
up almost 2 inches. Also – since the SmartTrainer notes your strength gains – they also adjust the second half of this 8 week program accordingly. As a result, today’s session Very challenging indeed. I may have to adjust my schedule accordingly, and stop doing back-to-back days if it remains this intense.[/quote]

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:56 pm

I’m not a gym person. Tried it for a couple of years, but have gotten more out of my dogwalking gig physically than Club H. Probably ’cause I really enjoy my job, you know? I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and so are the dogs I walk. If not, I work them out, too. We have fun the whole time. And now that I’m in demand around here :), the last thing I need is to get even more exercise by joining a gym.

I’ll pass out at 6:00 PM with any more exercise.

In any case, I think that this is what Perry is trying to highlight– enjoyment of one’s “work-out”. Whether one works out at a gym or through their job, that one is not bored but actually ENJOYS what one is doing matters immensely, for what one enjoys most is what will draw the best results.

Just my opinion.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 6:08 pm

Stabone, you are entirely correct regarding eating and exercising properly and making a lifestyle change. However, I think for some people the ‘lifestyle change’ is very daunting so it helps to do a 10 week (CKO) or a 60 day (Koko FitClub) program. It helps people work towards a goal (body weight loss and/or body fat %) in a reasonable amount of time, and it enables them to assess and change their exercise/eating habits, hopefully, for the long term.

I don’t work for any of these clubs, btw, but I’ve always been active. I was a lifelong runner until my knees gave out so I ended up joining a gym. After a few months I signed up for one of these programs because I wanted to incorporate weight training into my exercise routine, and I have been very pleased with the results. I think anyone who wants to sign up for these programs is headed in the right direction towards a lifestyle change. And if they believe in the program and the routine the gym is selling, it will only help and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 12:20 pm

While I applaud attending to your health & reviewing this service, I don’t understand people who need this high-tech, gimmicky workout to stay fit. If you eat properly and do basic exercise, you’ll be in the best shape of your life. And it will become a lifestyle change, not something done for 30 or 60 days. Sure, we all lead busy lifestyles but if you are not lazy & have your priorities straight, you’ll get up early or workout after work and wouldn’t need some silly program like this. And if “running is boring” to you or whatever reason people give, then you are lazy and don’t care too much about your health. So silly.

Reply to  hoboken411
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 2:18 pm

“Fitness revolutionized.”

Ugh boy. You’ve drank the Kool Aid.[quote comment=”196566″]Stabone – that’s just the way it is. In today’s lifestyle, some busy people need all the help they can get – and I can say that this is by far the most efficient workout you’ll ever have. Try doing between 20-25 sets at a regular gym in under 30 minutes. And it’s not three sets of each in a row, but more like circuit-training. You can’t take up 7 machines at the gym all for yourself (with the right settings and weight).Also – this “60 day challenge” is not only just a challenge, but also a way for customers at Koko to see what kind of results they’ll get in that time, and acclimate themselves to the system without any kind of commitment. My bet is that those that signed up to the 60-day challenge will convert to full-time members.Koko works. It’s a real workout, not a gimmick. Just fitness revolutionized.[/quote]

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