Smokey times on 8th St.

Today, while Hoboken411 was coming back from a 20 hour break from this town, a few things happened, and luckily some astute and helpful readers sent some information through. Pics from Joe and story from Matt. Thanks, guys!


This fire took place on 8th Street between Park and Willow. It was originally called in as Still Alarm of Fire at 725 Willow. It was a 1 story residential with light smoke showing from the exterior. No visible fire from the outside. Attending companies were Ladder 1, Ladder 2, Engine 1, Engine 4, Engine 5, Rescue 1 and 155 ( the chief buggy).

They got the fire knocked down with one hand line. They had another stretched for standby. Engine 5 and Engine 4 both had a 5 inch line to hydrants. They set a ladder on the side and checked the roof and were going to cut into it to check the cockloft, but the chief said not to because it was a brand new rubber roof.

Instead they cut a hole in the ceiling of the fire apartment and checked from inside. They also used the thermal imagining camera. (those things cost 10K each!) There were no extensions into surrounding structures. Taking a look inside, it was burnt up pretty good. Female occupant made it out with purse and a towel, was later transported by EMS to hospital. She was walking around ok. Looked like she was just shaken up by it, or possibly some mild smoke inhalation.

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The name says it all: “Nothingbettertodo”`


Wait so he’s criticizing Hoboken411 for having too much information and being too good of a public resource?


“way off with your reporting”

Let’s review: Hoboken411 has been an incredible resource this past year – far better coverage than any local “paper” (I use that term loosely due to the crap they publish). Case in point: the recent shooting. It might surprise you, but some people are actually interested when another person is MURDERED in their town. Interestingly enough, our own MAYOR has “no comment”. You talk about ‘getting behind’ the different government/public service groups in town and ‘the work they do’, but the simple truth is that it’s a much smarter move to get behind someone who’s actually getting people from the community INVOLVED in their community. There have been some great discussions on this board about how to make this a better town and a fairly genuine sense of community – which is a hell of a lot more support than any office associated with our joke of a Mayor has offered.

I’ll leave you with one final thought – see if you can process it: our community has seen how responsible our various services can be (anyone working the night shift for the HPD these days?)…do you really blame anyone for wanting to, “trot all over Hoboken, chasing fire trucks, following police cars, listening to scanners”? We need to make sure you scumbags do the goddamn jobs that WE pay you to do!


The point I am making, which went way over your heads from the first comments about the fires, is that if you have the time to trot all over Hoboken, chasing fire trucks, following police cars, listening to scanners, then racing to the scene like some kind of WHACK JOB, now you tell me, Who Needs A Job? And who has Nothingbettertodo?