Staying cool in the hot weather


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ExOfficio: The best, coolest drawers on the market!

We’re at the hottest part of the day today, and I’m thankful I discovered ExOfficio boxer briefs this spring!

By far the most comfortable boxers you can wear, and keep you cool “down there,” which is a blessing when conditions get hot. “Treated with Aegis Microbe Shield they’re odor resistant and perfect for tricky climates and active adventures.”

I like their slogan: “17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear (okay maybe two)” which is in reference to world travelers that need to pack light, and wear a pair every other day (while washing the other.) They have other “active wear” type products, such as their “Buzz Off” insect repellent clothing as well.

Highly recommended!

ExOfficio Underwear approved by Hoboken411 for hot weather

See more at the official ExOfficio site.

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Monday, July 19, 2010 10:28 pm

I bought some of these a few years back, they’re really great. They have anti-bacterial compounds in the fabric, they wick away moisture and they are designed to be easy to clean and dry. I have socks made of similar material too.

If I go away for a week or two, I don’t have to take up a big section of my bag anymore for a change of sock and underwear for every day – more if it’s hot. You can take 2 pairs, wash them in the sink or the shower before you go to bed, wring them out, roll them up in a dry towel and step on it, hang them up and they are dry in a couple hours. Try doing that with cotton!

You can get them over at Paragon near Union Square. They have loads of great travel clothes that are cool to wear, don’t wrinkle, and dry super fast. Thanks to this stuff, sometimes I don’t even need to check a bag.

Monday, July 19, 2010 3:51 pm

Have a few pairs of these myself. Swear by them!

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