Elderly female “down”

Today must not be a good day for the female species. First fights, now they’re tumbling to the ground at 8th and Park.

This poor old lady must have stumbled on Hoboken’s POOR SIDEWALKS. Either that, or her meds made her dizzy.

Heck, I’ve had a really bad fall myself by Maxwell’s a few months ago. My hand is still crippled. But I can’t blame meds or old age. Just poor liquid consumption choices.

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My mother manages to trip/fall almost every time she visits Hoboken…not sure if it’s her, the sidewalks or both!


I am not elderly but the infastructure, as far as sewer smell and the sidewalks;walk past ONeill’s at the
Park and see walkway late eveening,as a senior!

Someday allot of repairs due to H,need $$$$, but not w two cops in a car going nowhere, dog dirts being pickedup by city workers,owners never fined.

My husband is a walker and he even complains about parts of the city,m whereas all overwhelming new condos will have level walkways, huh? Too bad the Seniors can not afford to live in one of those.

You do not have to be old to get chronic ear problems with balance, and/or vertigo guys and dolls..all
it takes is one wrong Health Problem.
I hope she was ok, too, as strangers helped me, she needs same respect, due her.


Seniors often have trouble with balance, and additional trouble catching themselves when they fall. Hope she’s okay.


I hope she’s alright! Hmmm–in our litigious society–wonder if she’ll get a lawyer and sue.