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Meeting starts at 7pm. See Council Preview after the jump.

Live Streaming Hoboken City Council Meeting

Another Hoboken Marathon Council meeting in store

Tonight, instead of a parade to celebrate the French Revolution, Hoboken will get yet another marathon city council meeting to show the world how not to run a government.

Hoboken City Council Meeting April 21 2010

Peter Cunningham Hoboken NJ Councilman BNY MellonThe meeting is the annual reorganization event, which means a lot of “housekeeping” items and the droll selection of a President and Vice President of the City Council.

This is another one of those decisions made only by the five Zimmer-aligned members of the council. Though it’s customary for the Vice President to become President after a year, President Peter Cunningham has only held the job since November and VP Carol Marsh rarely speaks more than three sentences beyond “I agree with my council colleagues” and “I think Councilman Lenz said it best…” yadda yadda yadda. If he still wants it Dave Mello will probably remain council representative on the Planning Board because Michael Lenz will be too busy campaigning and Ravi Bhalla wouldn’t want a gig that would take time away from his drive to sign more six-figure public contracts for his law firm.

New Zimmer tax on condo owners

Hoboken transportation director Ian Sacs takes money away from Condo ownersThe first ordinance up for a public hearing and final vote places a new burden on apartment buildings whose associations provide shuttle bus service from Hoboken Terminal.

Zimmer’s “Transportation Czar” has been busy finding new ways to ticket and tax residents.

This time Ian Sacs wants the council to empower him to force new license fees of $750 per vehicle and $75 per driver for private condo shuttles.

Most of these shuttles are operated by fully-taxed condo owners in non-piloted buildings that pay more than their fair share under Hoboken’s outdated and unbalanced tax assessment scheme. Watch for brownstone and rowhouse-owning Zimmer allies Cunningham, Marsh and Lenz to lead the charge for the new fees for condo and apartment dwellers. You think “quality of life” is improving in the Mile Square?

More appointments for more Zimmer cronies

Zimmer croniesFurther showing what a sham Hoboken’s “Open Appointment” policy is, Mayor Zimmer has appointed more campaign contributing, green-and-yellow shirt-wearing buddies to more public boards.

Back when former Mayor Dave Roberts appointed his wife to be on the Library Board and put a father and son on the Planning and Zoning boards, his critics cried “Nepotism!”

Now those critics are running City Hall and playing the same game. Zimmer appointed Ravi Bhalla’s brother Amardeep to the Library Board. Zimmer also makes a mockery of her “open” appointments process by appointing close allies and campaign soldiers Rami Pinchevsky and David Dening to the Planning Board. One is an actuary, the other a software developer, neither have planning and zoning experience, but both “believe” what the Mayor and her husband tells them, and happily repeat it to anyone they can. When the rest of the city wakes up – remains to be seen.

Oh, but the so-called open appointments continue

Tony Soares wants free health care in Hoboken NJWatch for more political favors to be handed out to Zimmer’s cadre of contributors and online sycophants when her council majority fills vacancies on the Zoning Board, Hoboken Housing Authority Board, and North Hudson Sewerage Authority tonight. The HHA position is important for Lenz, who needs 4th ward votes in November but the Sewerage Authority spot is the plum.

That gig comes with a stipend and full health benefits. The two names that have been flying around are Frank “Pupie” Raia and Tony Soares. Raia is currently a Weehawken Mayoral appointee to the board but wants to represent Hoboken again. Soares painfully lost his full-time gig in advertising (hate) some time ago. When he’s not posting lies (that will have his pants sued off) online, he’s a Hoboken “substitute” teacher. Both Soares and Raia have undergone expensive surgeries, and salivate at the savings provided by the NHSA’s health plan. If Raia won’t cut a deal to help Lenz in November, the spot may go to presiding Zoning Board chair (Soares) who may again be awarded for his very bad behavior.

Closure of Clinton between 15th and 16th

This is on the agenda as well, and the city even paid their engineers to write up a report saying this would have no impact on traffic.

They even claim it will help traffic!

OK. Parking up to 50 city vehicles on a stretch of city street will help traffic. Hmmm. You read it and see what you think. It’s all part of Zimmer’s “I screwed up the Municipal Garage deal” world tour.

garbage dump municipal garage hoboken nj

Mo money for Mo lawyers

Hoboken more money for lawyersThe Zimmer administration can’t find enough money to open a swimming pool for kids to cool off in before the end of July, but they have no problem finding cash for lawyers.

Here’s a rundown of the latest attorney contracts on the agenda:

  • $75k – Victor Afanador, special counsel for Rent Control litigation
  • $41.5k – McManimon & Scorland, special counsel for Redevelopment
  • $41.5k – Maraziti Falcon & Healy, special counsel for Redevelopment (Read more on the above two firms political connections here.)
  • $15k – Ansell Grimm& Aron, special counsel for Redevelopment
  • $15k – Ed Buzak, special counsel for Kane Properties litigation

There are 28 resolutions and 5 new ordinances on first reading. There is no documentation for some of the most important items provided on the city website, but there is an overabundance of needless paperwork on others. Confusion by design. It’ll be another long night.

Come back at 7pm if you want to buckle up (or nod off) during the live Hoboken411 Streaming Video of the show!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010 12:01 am

To quote Shakespeare, “Much Ado About Nothing”. This administration like previous administrations are hiring supporters, etc. No biggy. Nothing has changed in Hoboken, only the names. Like it or not Zimmer supporter or not, the beat goes on. She and her supporters control everything now so let’s deal with it for the next 3 yrs. we simply have no choice. At the end of her term, we all only have one vote, use it. For now, all the whining is pointless. 😛

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 11:22 pm

It is past 11 PM and they are finally getting to the professional contracts. Every one of Forbes’ stable of consultants are getting their contracts renewed. I hope I heard this correctly: She just justified paying one consultant $42,000 because they found $40,000 from a PILOT that was not being collected properly. In her logic, it’s OK to spend $2,000 to keep some lawyers employed. Nice.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 10:57 pm

oopps< meant NEW…

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 10:56 pm

there is a news sheriff for that circus……….hahahaha

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 10:36 pm

no comments? no one is watching?

Reply to  hoboken411
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 10:57 pm

Numbsculls. It is a circus. But the only way to get a handle on whom you trust, who you’ll vote for, who you want out.[quote comment=”194631″]Less than 90 residents watch this circus.[/quote]

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