Hoboken Bread & Bagels… In Georgia


A taste of Hoboken in Marietta Georgia

Hoboken411 reader Robert was visiting a friend in Marietta, Georgia recently – and was taken to Hoboken Bread and Bagel Co., which is owned by a former Hoboken resident George Suarez. He said that the food there is tasty (and others reviewing the place agreed.)

“When our customers step into Hoboken it may seem like every one of them is on a first name basis with George and Anne, the husband and wife couple that owns and operates the Deli and Bagel shop. You may be surprised to find, however, that many of those warmly greeted are actually trying the biggest sandwiches and tastiest treats for the first time. Friendly welcomes are the way of Hoboken and when you come in, you’ll understand what it’s all about.”

Hoboken Bread and Bagel in Marietta Georgia - Hoboken Bread & Bagels... In Georgia

Nice to see the Hoboken name have some success in the country. What Hoboken businesses do you think are as friendly as this one?

Out of curiosity, I browsed around Marietta on Google Street View – and while it seems like a nice city, it certainly is not a walking town. In fact it’s the third largest suburb of Atlanta, with a population of over 60,000 residents in a 20 square mile area. Marietta has also produced some famous people, such as the Robinson brothers from the Black Crowes, Singer-songwriter Jennifer Paige, and TV personality Ty Pennington – from those Extreme Makeover shows.

Marietta does have something mile square – and that’s a massive Air Force Manufacturing Plant which is adjacent to Dobbs Air Force Base. It was a nice 10 minute tour of a place outside of Hoboken (I’ve been doing a lot of “traveling” online lately with my sights on a real vacation one of these days!)

I’ve personally never been to Marietta – anyone else visit or have friends there?

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I think you just broadcasted this guy’s witness protection placement.


I guess everyone probably knows there is a town in Georgia named Hoboken (albeit about 100 miles from this shop).