Kids-Eye View of Hoboken

Where should you go for pizza? What’s the best place to shout in Hoboken? Where can you find the tastiest ice cream? Are you looking for a game of soccer? To answer these questions, and many more, the Hoboken Historical Museum is pleased to announce the publication of “Kids Map Hoboken” — a map of our mile square city for young people assembled by young people.

kidmapsmall - Kids-Eye View of HobokenFor the past year, nearly 500 students from more than ten schools and community organizations, including All Saints Episcopal Day School, Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken, Brandt Middle School, Elysian Charter School, Hoboken Charter School, Hoboken High School, Hoboken Learning Lab (a direct service program of the Partnership for After School Education), The Hudson School, Mustard Seed, Stevens Cooperative School, Wallace Primary School, and YMCA have shared their Hoboken expertise with us. Students identified everything from their homes, schools, parks, as well as their favorite spots for pizza, ice cream, bike paths, Hoboken sounds and smells, and more. Combing through all of this input, our design team has produced the attractive and easy-to-use Kids Map Hoboken.

Several of the original artworks are on display in an exhibition in the Museum’s Upper Gallery through November 15th. “Kids Map Hoboken: The Exhibition” outlines how the map was made, with many examples of the students’ maps, essays, and illustrations.

Education coordinator Carol Losos would like to thank all the participating students and teachers, and the following sponsors for their support of this project: major sponsors PSE&G, Shop-Rite of Hoboken, Ben and Jerry’s; and supporting sponsors Amanda’s Restaurant, Mimosa Digital, Monroe Street Movement Space and the Hudson County Division of Cultural and Heritage Affairs.

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I agree with you Foster.

Don’t let the “haters” get you down.

Sometimes people just like to give negative opinions because they have nothing better to do with their time.

I think the map is terrific. A job well done!!


I’m not sure I’m getting it. The Historical Museum ( a non profit) wanted to make a kids map. They had staff and volunteers coordinate 500 kids…led classes..complied essays..picked out text. Then asked for sponsors to contribute funds to help defry the cost of printing and free distribution. I don’t understand the fraud? I can’t believe the volunteer museum staff are retiring to Brazil on the “profits”

As for the listing of restaurants on the map…my kids have been going to Ted & Joe’s, Maxwell and others since they could sit up. I’m sure the same is true for most other Hoboken kids…certainly any 14 year old in Hoboken has been to a few good restaunrants. That’s the fun part about living in a city.

Don’t get the uproar for what was supposed to be a community project. I’m sure the museum would welcome any additional volunteers who have other ideas.


My charitability is not being discussed here.

The point is that this ‘Hoboken Kids Map’ was presented as a ’cause’ – when in reality it was just a profiteering scheme.

Supporting a charity is a choice. Advertising in a publication is also a choice. Disguising an advertisement as an act of charity to convince businesses to advertise is fraud and should be prosecuted.


hobokengolf, I am guessing you donate to your church on sundays as well???


[quote comment=”5773″]It is my understanding that each business paid for advertising on this map.[/quote]

I can confirm this, at least partially:

As far as I’m concerned this ‘kids project’ was really just a way for the map company to make some money. I received a cute letter from the museum saying how the kids voted my place as one of their favorites and asking me for money to ‘support’ this project. I didn’t bite because anything similar I’ve tried in the past has not been cost effective.

In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t waste my money. Clearly this is NOT a ‘kids map’. Many areas that would be of interest to children are NOT included and many places inappropriate for children ARE included. This entire endeavor was purely profit motivated. If I were a parent whose child was involved in this I would be infuriated (bars on a kids map?) If I were the museum I’d be completely embarassed. If I were a parent whose child was not involved in the creation – I’d discard this map. If I were an advertiser I’d want a refund.