Chessociety 2010 at Yankee Ferry

Reminder – Chess event at Yankee Ferry this Sunday!


Did you know that a new Chess Club is starting up over at the Yankee Ferry at the Hudson River waterfront (12th and Sinatra)?

Inaugural tournament on Sunday August 1st

Hoboken resident Johann Guzman has created a new chess club called Chessociety, where fans of the game can attend periodic tournaments aboard the Yankee Ferry. A truly unique chess experience!

Chessociety is United States Chess Federation affiliated and will submit all tournament results to the USCF after each rated tournament is completed. Unrated tournaments will also be held as well.

The first introductory tourney is open & unrated, more of a “welcome to the club” event. It’s Sunday, August 1st at 11am a five-minute blitz / round-robin format. All players must bring their own chess sets and clocks. Entrance Fee is $15 and 75% of the proceeds go towards the top three prizes. At least 30 players are expected. You can see all the details and complete the required registration at

More to come in the future!

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This is the greatest opportunity for hoboken to be recognized as a chess city, current “hoboken chess club” organizer Peter Croce has not been helpful nor been wanting to be any part of this as I approached him in a friendly manner. Instead he accused me of horrible things as he felt jealous (I’m only 23 years old, don’t have a criminal record, nor ever hurt or violated anyone). The CHESSOCIETY IS EVERYONE’S CHESS CLUB! it’s open to everyone and it’s non-profit!


Johann Guzman