Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 7/12/2010


Hope you all had a productive or relaxing weekend, whatever you chose to do. Here are some trends for recent topics on Hoboken411 the past couple days…

Hertz not holding their end of the bargain?

Residents are starting to see the effects of not having to move the cars during street cleaning – with garbage piling up near the Hertz on Demand (formerly Hertz Connect) Corner Cars.

Are we that accustomed to super-sized portions?

Large corporations and mega-chain restaurants can afford to stuff your gullet on the cheap – because they use low-grade ingredients and have the purchasing volume in order to set the prices so low.

The Taco Truck doesn’t have that luxury, but provides very high quality Mexican food to Hoboken residents. However, I think some people can’t connect the dots, and feel somewhat “ripped off” by the modest portions of food. I guess you just have to ask yourself what do you want? Quality or quantity?

Exactly who is obsessed with Carlos Bakery?

We all know that the people that wait on line at Carlo’s Bakeryare not Hoboken residents. Seems that some locals have been getting a kick out of the “sheep” that choose to wait on that line, even in disgustingly hot temperatures…

Enjoy the day, stay cool – and more to come later!

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Supersized portions at restaurants and being trained as kids to “clean your plate” has made Americans fat.

Even in a sit down “real” restaurant, the portions are usually so big that I can’t order an appetizer and finish my dinner.

I guess cutting prices and serving smaller portions doesn’t work for business.