Hoboken Style: Gone!

4/12/2010 Update:

After 10 years, Hoboken Style is done

Hoboken Style, the clothing and accessories store in the somewhat odd location adjacent to the NYSC gym downtown closed up shop the other day.

Description: Empty Retail Apparel Store
Address: 57 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hoboken Style Clothing.JPG

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looked a bit dumpy. for clothes, you do need the resources of a chain. unless you’re in ny. it’s too sporadic and inefficient to shop at a place where you can’t know what to expect. not everyone is on a shoestring budget; in fact, most people aren’t in hoboken. only the artist-types.


Well. Let’s see. They didn’t sell anything by J. Crew, Banana Republic or Old Navy. Instead, they had the balls to sell unique and vintage. Also jewelery by local artisans. In short, nothing that Hoboken is interested in. What did they expect? I’m surpris’d they lasted this long.
Besides, the place looks like the perfect spot for a nail salon.


They were a cute store. I’m going to miss them. It almost seems like they went out of business overnight. That location used to be my former roommate’s store. That was many moons ago. It was called Fat Cat Antiques.


I love this store..many cute, fashionable items….only problem, there is a woman who works there who tend to be short (border line rude) EVERY time I am in there, but the clothes are too awesome to boycott cuz of her….