One Day Election Poll

The election is over, and it seems as if this unscientific poll correctly picked the winner (even though the percentages were off). Now the bagel poll is back until the end of the month.


We’re taking a one-day break from this month’s exciting bagel poll to see who you voted for. Kean, Menendez or add if you voted for one of the other candidates.

Vote to the left!


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James Saxton has been around for years. Born and raised in Voorhees (Camdem County)- every knows the name of James Saxton – trust me – I doubt anyone confused them- unless they bought drugs on the streets of camden prior to voting


I now have faith in election day again!!!!!


[quote comment=”5667″]How about those banner holding kids by the PATH?…

I’m getting the opinion that the kids who fancy themselves as polically savvy do it more as a fashion statement – because it’s hip. [/quote]

i’m of the opinion these numbskulls feign political saaviness because they are being paid minimum wage by the HCDO. (Or maybe their parents work for the city of Hoboken and they have to “volunteer”?)

And Cracker, did it ever occur to you that without women there would be no men? And certainly no Cracker (unless you are an experiment gone awry 😉

And Emarche, if Menendez hasn’t been indicted yet I wouldn’t hold my breath. I mean with Big Daddy Kean having chaired the 9/11 COmmission I can’t believe the family didn’t have ALL the dirt digging resources one would need to bite Menendez – if there was anythign there, that is.

now back to my regularly scheduled election night nailbiting,


How about those banner holding kids by the PATH?

This AM, I walked past one sign-holding youth who repeated (I kid you not) “stop Bush or die” as people past her on their way to the PATH steps.

I can’t think of something more idiotic or less likely to make the undecided finance types come around to that POV. If she had a sign that said “wall street (heart) political gridlock” I would have immediately recognized that she/her group had ideas beyond political screech. Sadly, such a concept was probably beyond her comprehension.

I’m getting the opinion that the kids who fancy themselves as polically savvy do it more as a fashion statement – because it’s hip. Once, a few years ago I asked one if she could tell me the branches of the US government or the number of US senators, and all I got was a blank stare then a change of subject. But there she was despensing voting advice with a button of a monkey face with a red slash through it.

It’s hard to get behind a candidate whose followers are given to such childishness.


Hello people this is New Jersey we’re talking about. You people seem to want an honest senator but you can’t even show up for a local city council meeting. We can’t clean-up state/national politics when you can’t voice your distain for shit in your back yard.