Hoboken Week in Review 11/5/2006

Woot! It’s our 7th month online! My how time flies! Amazing how tiny Hoboken can keep content fresh every day of the week. Barring any earth-shattering news, we’ll be taking a break today to watch some football!

Please feel free to send tips, pics, and comments to: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

In the meantime, catch up on anthing you’ve missed and see what we covered in the last seven days.

PS: Hangovers suck!

News, items of importance:

Town Government:


New or Coming Soon:

  • Turning Point
    The menu looks incredible for this uptown eatery coming soon.
  • Portofino
    Learn a bit more about this place that will be changing looks eventually.
  • Garden of Eden
    A new awning doesn’t mean they’re open yet. But within a few weeks!
  • Joey’s BBQ
    They got the green light. Within a week or two, you will be able to enjoy some shredded pig!
  • Hoboken Dance Academy
    A new place for those that like to shake their booty.
  • Mercy Grill
    Work continues on this perpetually doomed location.


  • Nothing officially made the “doomed” category this week AGAIN!


  • Club KO
    See more about what may be the most motivational fitness establishment in Hoboken.
  • Gaslight Restaurant
    Take a peek inside a reliable corner restaurant.
  • Puerto Spain
    A brief lunch review on one of the mainstays of the Hoboken dining scene.
  • A Taste of Hoboken
    A great time to sample dozens of Hoboken eateries as well as mingling with hundreds of locals.
  • It’s Greek to Me
    We like this place a lot, but some people feel otherwise.

Fun, Games and Random Observations:

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Check the Incident Map
    Read what nincompoops can do to cause calls to 911.


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– 10/22/2006
– 10/15/2006
– 10/8/2006

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