Hoboken pool closed without explanation

7/9/2010 Update:

Pool not a priority?

Tim Occhipinti offered the following additional statement regarding the Hoboken community swimming pool:

“This is not a campaign issue, this is a community issue. The fact that this pool will only be open for six weeks is unacceptable. I asked Director Pellegrini months ago outside a City Council meeting if this pool would be open on-time and was budgeted and the answer was yes. I do not consider July 19th to be on-time for the children of our community.

It is clear that nobody made fully funding this pool for the entire summer a priority. Even current 4th Ward Councilman and Finance Chair Michael Lenz refused to fund the pool beyond the available grant to provide a basic service to his own constituents.

This was not a surprise to anyone, it was a conscious choice not to fully fund the pool.”

– Tim Occhipinti

7/7/2010 Update:

Another blazing hot day without Hoboken community pool

The community pool at the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club today. Closed. Notice the overgrown weeds as well.

Hoboken Community Pool still closed during heatwave - Hoboken pool closed without explanation


Boys & Girls Club pool closed during hottest period of year

Hoboken Fails to Open City’s Only Community Pool

Hoboken community pool boys and girls club jefferson street nj CLOSED - Hoboken pool closed without explanation

Without any explanation to residents, The City of Hoboken will delay using the municipality’s only community pool by two weeks, well after other “Summer Fun” programs begin on Tuesday, July 6th. City officials indicated that the pool, located at the Boys and Girls Club (123 Jefferson Street) will open on Monday, July 19th, thus depriving many children in the community the opportunity to use the facility during the height of the summer months.

“Why is the only community pool opening nearly a month after school ended?” asked 4th Ward resident and City Council candidate, Tim Occhipinti. “When I asked them a few months ago, the administration confirmed that the pool would open on time. Now, they are failing to stand by their promise to the children of our city.”

Last year, the community pool was slated for closing due to budgetary issues, according to city officials. As a result, a series of fundraisers raised donations that were given to the city last year to help mitigate costs. In return, the city opened the pool in mid-July. Many of these donors were assured that the pool would be open for the full 2010 summer season.

“It is a shame that City Hall can’t get this pool open for the children in our community to use on some of the hottest days of the summer,” said Hoboken parent Kylia Colon. “You can’t tell children one thing and then do another. Our kids deserve better.”

Occhipinti said, “This is exactly the type of issue I will be advocating for, we all know that every summer we need to get this pool open on-time. This is nothing new, we need better accountability.
This should be a high priority for our residents who can not economically afford a pool membership and transportation to the Secaucus pool as endorsed by the city.”

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Why did no one complain about this when the city’s summer fun schedule was mailed out in late May/ early June stating that the pool would open on the 19th of July?


I don’t recall receiving a “summer fun schedule”. Maybe I missed it in the mail. Maybe other people did not receive it either, but we all were sweltering in the heat and wondering why the only pool in the city was not a priority in the plans for “summer fun.”

In other years, the High School pool would be open for a few hours during the week. but this year the district decided to keep it closed all summer for “maintenance.” Unless they are rebuilding the whole thing, I don’t know what kind of maintenance would take over 2 months, but that’s the subject for another day.

Occhipinti’s comments have stirred controversy only because he is running for office so they are seen under a “pollitical” light. I say good for him. He made the city administrators defend their priorities as they relate to the 4th Ward, and has rendered his opponent silent, which is no small feat. [quote comment=”194455″]Why did no one complain about this when the city’s summer fun schedule was mailed out in late May/ early June stating that the pool would open on the 19th of July?[/quote]


Definitely a poor choice not to ensure the pool is open the entire summer, if not longer. I equate this to only plowing the streets for six weeks in the winter. It’s not like the pool was a pending construction project, it’s already sitting there. What’s the problem?


That thing is an accident waiting to happen…it really is a shame that the exorbitant property taxes in this town can’t pay for decent schools and a rec center with a pool…where is all the money going…that’s right salary and benefits for cronies….


Juan Melli, the spokesman for the city said (and I quote) “Hoboken only has enough money to keep the pool open for six weeks each summer, with $15,000 going towards maintenance and lifeguard costs.”

Lets conservatively say that $5,000 goes towards “maintenance” (although I personally think that number is high). This leaves a whopping $10,000 grand for a lifeguard. IF (and I am pretty sure this is not accurate, but am actually being generous with the math here) the pool was open from 9-9 DAILY – 7 DAYS A week (84 hours a week for a lifeguard – times – 6 weeks = 504 hours of work) (not even including days of rain in this calculation). This equals an hourly salary of $19.84 – pretty sweet to sit around and “watch” a pool about the size that many people have in their back yards.


Thankfully the city doesn’t run a ski resort in the winter either. Snow on the ground, but slopes are closed.

There are 13 weeks in each season, but the city chooses to keep the pool open for less than half the time.

The budget for this flimsy death trap is only around 10 grand. Yet the busload of six figure directors are making a comfortable living. Some have even been on vacation for FIVE WEEKS in less than six months on the job (which is a Sac of bull).