Transformer explosions around town


Hoboken barely managing heat wave

Today’s sweltering heat must be causing electrical infrastructure to get overloaded. First, we had a power outage on 11th street earlier this afternoon, and now another transformer exploded on 10th Street between Bloomfield and Garden.

Just keep building more and more – and this type of stuff will happen more frequently!

more transformer explosions in Hoboken NJ - Transformer explosions around town

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Overdevelopment follows overpopulation, the biggest, most serious f*cking problem in our world right now.

But I digress.

Add to what Perry and mcspacebar have stated… the fact that there are houses currently running five or six air conditioners at once, and of course these transformers are gonna blow left and right.

Stay cool.


Well, it is the fault of the developers & the city.
Whenever an area gets built up and developed beyond what it was previously, the infrastructure of that area need to be updated to accommodate the expansion.e bill.
Pretty simple really. except no one wants to foot th


Transformers have blown everywhere! I was in the suburbs today and Chatham, Madison and Summit all had major power outages. YOU REALLY HAVE TO STOP BLAMING DEVELOPERS FOR EVERYTHING!!! Its getting old and BORING!