Hertz on Demand Cars: GPS in plain sight

7/2/2010 Update:

Burglars Beware: These GPS are hard to steal!

Anything resembling a GPS unit is dollar signs to the petty criminal – which is why Hoboken411 told you about the potential problems with the Hertz on Demand (formerly Connect by Hertz) cars having their (proprietary or not) navigation systems in plain sight.

However, any burglar trying to steal these babies is going to run into quite a bit of trouble. These particular units (called NeverLost GPS Systems) are fortified and actually BOLTED to the frame of the dashboard, making it very time consuming and messy for the criminal to get away with in a short amount of time. They’re installed in many rental vehicles, and have a fairly low loss rate since being rolled out a few years ago. However, since the cars in Hoboken are unattended, it might still cause issues.

Hopefully the thieves will be educated enough to know it’s a waste of time, and don’t create problems trying to nick them.


How long before Hertz Corner Cars are burglarized?

Hoboken residents have a myriad of opinions regarding the recently launched Connect by Hertz Corner Car sharing program.

One resident asked me “Why in the world would they leave the GPS units in plain sight? Don’t they know that even suction cup markings get cars broken into?”

I’m assuming that these Hertz-branded GPS modules are probably proprietary, and will likely not work like standard units – but try telling a thief that.

Care to make any wagers as to when the first unit is stolen?

More on Hertz Connect tomorrow…

Hertz Connect Cars have GPS units in plain sight in Hoboken NJ - Hertz on Demand Cars: GPS in plain sight

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