Hottest Day of the Year so far


Get ready to sweat Hoboken!

Heat and humidity are on Hoboken411’s Top 10 list of least favorite things. Unless, of course, there’s a white sandy beach, crystal blue water and a cold frozen cocktail nearby.

Today, the temperature is set to reach a high of 92 degrees (with it feeling like 104 degrees at it’s peak around 1pm). Luckily, the heat wave isn’t supposed to last too long, and we’ll revert back to seasonable temperatures within a day or two.

The average temperature for June 28th for our area is 82 degrees, with the record high of 96 degrees set in 1991, and the record low of 55 degrees set four years later in 1995.

Stay cool and enjoy your day nonetheless!

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I got to work early today just so I could have a smooth morning commute and get out of here by 4pm. Last thing I want is a super crowded subway when it is this miserable outside.