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Pasquale DeStefano 2010

Retired Hoboken Firefighter Pasqale DeStefano passed away last week, and funeral services and mass were held this past weekend at Failia’s Funeral Home and St. Francis Church.

Condolences to his family.

Michele Russo had this to say about Pasquale (who was the father-in-law of then Mayor Anthony Russo) 10 years ago:

“He served his country in the U.S. Army and then served his city for 36 years as a Hoboken fireman. He raised his three children here and remained in Hoboken through the good times and the bad times. He taught his children to never be afraid to voice your opinion. The citizens of Hoboken who know Pasquale, know that he was opinionated long before his daughter even met Mayor Russo. So to the two individuals who think it is a conspiracy that my father writes letters to the newspaper, maybe you should go to the library and find all the letters that my father has written throughout the years, or ask anyone who knows him, he has been writing letters since John Grogan was mayor. I may not always agree with my father, but I admire and respect the fact that he still wants to voice his opinion after all these years.”

– Michele Russo (FROM BACK IN 2000)

Below is a classic photo of Pasquale that was published as a special interest sidebar in a Washington state newspaper back in 1980. They don’t make ’em like that anymore – that’s for sure!

Pasquale DeStefano Hoboken NJ 478x499 - Pasquale DeStefano

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I worked my first day with Patty at 3 Trk-8th St. in 1967. In all the years, I never heard him get angry. It was like he always had Valium in that wet, dirty cigar. He helped break me in on the job and I liked him a lot. My respects to his family. 😥


God bless him and his family. That’s a great picture! He never used to light the cigar. Just chew on it.