Sunset behind Hoboken


Hoboken Sunset at 8:32pm tonight

Here are some astronomical facts regarding the sweltering hot summer day we had here in Hoboken:

The sun rose at 5:27am today (and set at 8:32pm). Sunrise is the moment the edge of the sun appears above the horizon. But Sunset is the time the sun has completely gone beyond the horizon.

You ask people about “Twilight” these days, and they’ll tell you about Twilight the movie. But did you know that we have two astronomical twilights? The evening Twilight is the time after the sun sets – and the time it gets completely dark (called Dusk) – which happens at 9:05pm tonight. Morning Twilight is the time the between the first glimpse of light to the first ray of sun (Dawn – 4:53am).

Between Dawn and Dusk, we had a total of 16 hours and 12 minutes of “light” today.

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Fantastic photo! Perry