Downtown Traffic Study


Study to figure out growing traffic nightmare

Hudson County officials are holding a transportation study today and tomorrow in Hoboken and Jersey City. Today’s meeting is at the Multi-Service Center (124 Grand St.) from 4-8pm .

As you know, even a minor fender bender in SW Hoboken can cause gridlock and frustration for miles near “suicide alley” – which includes Paterson Plank Road, First Street, Marshall Drive and the Light Rail tracks.

This has been an ongoing point of community concern for years and years, and many “plans” have been drafted, including Hoboken’s own Municipal Master Plan (which never seems to be followed anyway) and groups like SW6 have been spinning their wheels for a long time trying to make something positive happen.

But multiple municipalities, governing bodies, property owners, real estate developers and of course the political side show make this a slow-motion train wreck.

I believe these so-called “transportation studies” are required by the federal government in order to allow the county to apply for future funding, etc.

More on this week’s meetings here (PDF).

Downtown Hoboken traffic study - Downtown Traffic Study

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 6:35 pm

More politicking.

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