What? Affordable garage parking?


Good news for frustrated evening commuters

Many Hoboken residents drive to and from work on a daily basis – and don’t utilize a public or private garage. And part of that routine, is the evening debacle of driving around and around until you find a parking spot that is acceptable, and not ridiculously far from where you live. Just stand on any street at the peak of rush hour, and you’ll often see the same vehicles pass you by five, even 10 times as they struggle to find a spot.

Some people have a breaking point, where they say “screw it” and plop their car in one of the many public garages – with the going rate around $30 a night (at least at the garage I use uptown.)

But that’s a relatively steep price – and if used daily, would translate into about $600 a month. However – the ProPark garage at 15th and Garden has a new overnight special that will certainly attract many new customers: $9.00 for overnight parking! With flexible in/out hours. That’s great news – and residents should strongly consider this option instead of circling around, especially on higher volume days.

And if Al Gore owned the garage – he’d say “less carbon emissions” or some other concocted story about planet earth.

Note that this special is only valid Monday through Thursday nights.

New lower priced overnight parking at propark america 15th and Garden Hoboken NJ

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at $30 a day wouldn’t that equate to roughly $900 a month (not “and if used daily, would translate into about $600 a month”), just sayin


I will definitely be using this option! Glad to have it uptown.


Why the shot at Al Gore?


He invented the robotic parking garage.[quote comment=”193966″]Why the shot at Al Gore?[/quote]


The lot near the hospital has a similar deal and is only $5 to park overnight during the week. The one restriction is that you have to have a hoboken parking sticker.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no incentive to garage your car ($200-300 ) month when paying a once a week “street cleaning ticket” is cheaper. When I had a car I used to factor 4 street cleaning tickets a month into my budget, lol.