Rotary: 9/11 Memorial check presentation

Tonight, prior to the Obama bin Menendez show, The Hoboken Rotary Club had a nice check presentation at Pier A.

Mayor Roberts and the City Council President Richard Del Boccio were present. Roberts thanked the Rotary and explained in detail what the 9/11 Memorial was all about, and when it should be completed (sometime next year they hope).

rotary check 1 hoboken411 - Rotary: 9/11 Memorial check presentation
rotary check 2 hoboken411 - Rotary: 9/11 Memorial check presentation

Aside from the political hoopla surrounding the Obama and Menendez rally happening this evening at 5pm, there are other events you attend that will be more than “fluff” and just for “votes”.

rotary.thumbnail - Rotary: 9/11 Memorial check presentationThe Hoboken Rotary club (which Hoboken411 is a member) will be having a check presentation for the 9/11 Memorial Committee at Pier A at 5pm.

The Rotary will be presenting the Hoboken 9/11 Memorial Committee with a $20,000 check from the Walter D. Head foundation as well as a $5,000 check from monies collected from local Hoboken Rotarians.

This project’s total cost is expected to be around $1.2M, of which $700k to $800k has already been collected from various grants, donations and other sources.

“Hoboken Island” is the memorial concept submitted by the FLOW Group and selected by the Memorial Fund Committee. The concept proposes a memorial that begins at the edge of Hoboken’s waterfront park, Pier A Park, with a low sloping Narrative Wall. On the Narrative Wall will be first-person-attributed accounts of the events of 9/11, beginning with the experience of observers, neighbors, volunteers, and medical-triage personnel who witnessed the attack on 9/11.

The first-person accounts will be selected in collaboration with the Hoboken community.

911memorial - Rotary: 9/11 Memorial check presentationThe Narrative Wall will lead to a Bridge that spans from Pier A Park to Hoboken Island, which will be a stand-alone structure on the Hudson River. The island is intended to offer a place for rest and contemplation amidst unobstructed views of the World Trade Center site and of Hoboken.

Located in the middle of the island will be a Tidal Well, a hole cut into the island’s center around which will be a cast-glass Circle of Names where each of the 57 names of lost Hoboken residents will be inscribed. At night, the glass well and the water of the Hudson become illuminated.

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