Last Call for GoldHawk!

7/10/2009 Update:

Want some last-minute plans?

Here’s two good reasons for you to have a drink at Goldhawk tonight (10th & Park)…

  • Goldhawk is closing it’s doors for good tomorrow night and…
  • Skanatra will be the last live band to play there! (8pm)


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7/9/2009 Update:

3, 2, 1, Farewell!

The Goldhawk Bar and Lounge (10th and Park) is closing for good this Saturday night, July 11th.

If you’ve never been – stop by once in the next three days – so you can say that you have – or if you’re a regular, “close out” the memories and attend what should be a pretty big “last day” bash on Saturday night. (I believe the last “live band” will be tomorrow, Friday night).

From what I understand, the new owners are probably going to convert it into either a swanky lounge type establishment, or something cookie-cutter like other “successful” bars in Hoboken. Only time will tell how good it will be, what kind of clientele it attracts, and whether it’ll be worth repeated visits.

Thanks for the memories (I think) Goldhawk!



6/15/2009 Update:


Word on the street is that GoldHawk Bar & Lounge was recently sold – and is/will be closing. I walked by yesterday afternoon and it seemed closed.


Beatnik Pub & Lounge (Previously Liquid Lounge)

Description – Pub & Lounge, Live Music. See calendar of events on the web site.
Services – Bar, Lounge
Website –
Address – 936 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-420-7989, Fax – 201-420-7276

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ricky roma

they are stripping the wood off the front of it today – first real work i have seen done over there.


Goldhawk used to be Tavern on Park back when 10th & Willow was Ennio’s

A bartender from Hudson Tavern recently told me he’s re-opening here “hopefully in October” with a new place called Turtle Club. Didn’t seem like he was too interested in having live music. They want more dining tables in that back room.

In response to ricky roma who said:

they are stripping the wood off the front of it today – first real work i have seen done over there.


Shout out to the old school. Joe Borzatta, we hardly knew ya.


Greetings and Felicitations.
I’m sure the new place will be frequented by the following:
1. Almighty Rottens
2. Pure and Vicious Stinkins
3. Chockfulls
4. Utter Lickers
5. Tremendous Mainers
6. Bombastic Butchers
7. Grade A Rottens
8. Unfiltered Almighties
9. They Are Beyond Belief
10. A Veritable Chockful
11. Lord A Pure Rotten Festival
12. A Disgrace Indeed

There are many more but what’s the use? The place will be overrun by all of the above and more. It’s a lost cause. Hoboken is diseased and there is no cure.
Good luck to future patrons and hopefully you can add to my list of an even dozen. I bid farewell to you all.


How many dive bars are left in this town?


I haven’t commented on here in probably a year, but I have to on this one.

First off el_diablo you must be kidding. If you’re upset about a “waste of space” as you say, you can walk 100 feet to something else. You’re not living in Iowa. Secondly, do you want another Lounge 11 on your block? Have a great time with that if that’s what it becomes.

I’m really unhappy Goldhawk is closing. I have great memories from the Liquid Lounge open mike night and just as many during the Goldhawk days. Very unique, with a good crowd and good bands that aren’t Big Orange Cone or some other over-established band. Great people, great characters and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s really a shame that it’s closing to say the least.

Let’s see what happens, but I’m far from optimistic that something equally good and neighborhoody will open there.