Starbucks finally gets WiFi right!

7/8/2010 Update:

Starbucks new free WiFi works like a charm

Tested out the newly revamped Starbucks free WiFi service this week. Very simple to connect, with decent speed too.

Inside the coffee shop, I got 1.5 mbps speed up and down. It even worked outside, albeit much slower – with speeds around 400k up and down (more latency too).

Bonus tip: I know a lot of Hoboken residents love their iced coffee. Did you know that if you register a Starbucks card, you get free refills? Goes a long way in this hot weather we’ve been having.

free wifi at starbucks in Hoboken works great
Uptown Hoboken Starbucks WiFi works outside too

100% Free WiFi at Starbucks starting July 1st

6/17/2010: Really good news, actually!

Starbucks has finally given in.

For anyone that isn’t an AT&T customer – you have to agree that signing up for Starbucks’ wireless internet access has always been ridiculously complicated. We’ll they must have done the math, and realized that they’d probably make more money if the ‘net access was simple and pain-free for everyone.

Starting on July 1st – anyone with a 802.11 wireless capable laptop or cell phone can surf away without problems!

Starbucks Free Wifi starting on July 1st 2010

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