The Obama Menendez Show

11/3/2006 Update:


Hoboken Mayor Roberts

11/1/2006: isn’t really here to get involved with state or national politics. Sometimes, I’d rather just sit back and watch other people hash it out before I even form an opinion. However, it can serve as an outlet when the timing is right.

But here’s a topic some of you may feel stronger about than others: The upcoming mid-term elections. More specfically, the race between Menendez and Kean, Jr.

Since I don’t have an overwhelming passion regarding this race, here’s what one of our readers has to say:

obama.jpg“Let’s face it, even Democrats dying to take back control of the Senate are gagging at the thought of voting for “Hudson Country Democratic Machine” favorite Bob Menendez. The idea of attending a rally and cheering for him is even worse. But Barack Obama?? He’s a rock star! Every Dem would rush the stage just to touch his cloak. He might be the second coming! And he’s coming Hoboken. Obama is slated to appear at a rally early Thursday evening at Menendez’s campaign offices near the PATH station starting at 5pm through 7pm, but will most likely arrive late.

Think of it as having to sit through Ashlee Simpson in order to see Jay-Z perform. (Right next to Teak! Sushi and sake afterwards!)”

Additionally, it was indicated that there is an automated phone message from Mayor Roberts calling and urging everyone to attend this rally.

Anyone care about this? If so, what are your thoughts?


Don’t have any real political input here. No endorsements. Just observations.

The hoopla was in full effect tonight. Crowd control measures. Heavy police presence. All media outlets. Grandiose setup with lights and soundsystem. Large staff of over-eager political aids and helpers running around like headless chickens with clipboards. Curious onlookers as well as strong supporters. Loud music. Giant flags. The stage was set.

The media had two platforms to set their gear up:

The Hoboken City Council got their 2 minutes on stage:

Elaborate and expensive sound system. Imagine if these politicians used the millions of dollars in campaign contributions for a GOOD cause? Why must they need such crazy setups to grab the attention of voters? I guess the words they say aren’t powerful enough on their own.

This fruity banjo and horn band may have been the most interesting thing of the night:

Teak got a lot of publicity for free tonight:

“Bring in the SWAT team, since we’re CERTAIN terror groups across the globe are plotting against these local New Jersey politicians”.

Enough satellite radiation to give everyone brain cancer:

People were CRAZY excited to get spiffy signs that will eventually litter our neighborhood.

Mayor Roberts felt great on this large stage. Let’s not give him any ideas.

Senator Lautenberg appeared to be uncomfortably passing gas in this photo.

And then he laughingly waves the smell away:

Corzine says a few words while Menendez and Obama laugh about his puffy receding hair line and beard to detract attention from it.

Obama comes up STILL laughing at Corzine.

By the time Menendez came up I was fading as if I accidentally swallowed a pallet of Ambien. He was yammering about something, but I cannot remember. I just had to get out of there and head to the Taste of Hoboken, which was much more enjoyable.

This event was a waste of time and money in my opinion. But I guess it can be interesting for some. But I heard traffic was a nightmare!

Can’t they just film this in a studio and show it on TV?

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[quote comment=”5507″]Can anyone please tell me why in the HELL Hoboken needs it’s own SWAT team, then??? That would appear to be the grossest abuse of public funds to date… SWAT teams are very expensive to maintain, and a town the size of Hoboken has zero need for that!! [/quote]

To go to Hooters, of course!

Hindsight is 20/20


Under Bush, the dollar has lost its position as far and away the most desirabel currency to hold world wide (now its the Euro). Under Bush, Americans are generally looked down upon when travelling outside our borders. Under Bush, I’m embarrassed to be American and fearful of the country my child is growing up in. Under Bush, and Cheney, and Rumsfeld we’ve just dumped 500,000 rifles, pistols and rocket launchers into Iraq and, uh, forgotten to record the serial numbers so we can track how they got in the hands of the bad guys – who are KILLING our “good” guys and girls. With leadership this inept its no wonder we are on the wrong track. Vote anything (!)- BUT republican.


Under Bush, national umployment rate is down, interest rates are low and the stock market is the best ever. As Boss Bob Menendez says about debt, the hoboken debt has tripled and will take at least forty years to recover. The tax rate is up over 25% and thats why TOM KEAN is the right choice


[quote comment=”5494″]Did any notice if the infamous Hoboken mounted police where at the rally.[/quote]

All the horse’s asses were on stage, flanking Obama…

I don’t think the swat team is too expensive. We should deploy snipers along 4th and 5th Sts. to shoot muggers along H411’s “Corridor of Crime”.


maybe it was the SIT PD Swat Team. They have to protect Dunkin Donuts sometimes.