The Joys of Armageddon


A VERY interesting show this weekend over at the Theaterspace at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street – 2nd floor) this Friday, June 18th and Saturday, June 19th. Doors open at 7:30pm – and show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15.

A new musical by Rivka and Mike iLL

Mike iLL of Hoboken’s Sweet Lizard Illtet (video), a popular industrial funk band from the 1990s and his partner Rivka have been touring the USA with their act, Mad haPPy (see more here).

Over the last couple of years they have been developing a musical with long time Hoboken resident and Hair co-author James Rado and other local artists including Jaime and Dominick Della Fave, Babe Borden, Abbe Rivers, Mr. Taps and actress Tina Krause.

What is the Joys of Armageddon?

“Driven by visions of the end of civilization, the Mutiny Zoo community, living in an abandoned subway tunnel, upload mass communications to an orphaned cell phone satellite, to be triggered by the emergency broadcasting system during and after the 2012 holocaust. Recent collaborator, Macon Trachtenberg, a genius computer hacker escapes institutional intervention and joins them in their underground compound where they’ve been preparing for post-holocaust survival, but the tunnel floods just days before the first calamities are expected to occur. Driven from their haven, Macon and the Mutiny Zoo make their way to New Orleans, where Macon plans a lethal confrontation with his estranged father… before their ultimate confrontation with the Divine.”

To purchase tickets – CLICK HERE.

46XXXY by madhappy

See Cast after the jump!

The Joys of Armageddon Cast:

  • Widget – J McElfresh
  • Antoinette LaFíte – Brenda Bergman
  • Pitzy Jonawitz – Dominick Della Fave
  • Holy Jonawitz – Rivka
  • Macon Tracktenberg – Mike iLL
  • Oshun – Suzy Q
  • Pong – Kate Silver
  • Zelda – Babe Borden
  • Berzerk – Christina Silver
  • Super Mario – Armen Setrakian
  • Static – Abbe Rivers
  • Muerdonk – Patrick “Mr. Taps” Guden
  • Pulse – Jaime Della Fave
  • Candace Tracktenberg – Tina Krause
  • Lights: Anthony Arena
  • Props: Kristalina Arena
  • Sound and DJ: Tom Costagliola
  • Lighting Design: Emilio China

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