What’s up this weekend in Hoboken?

*** Don’t forgetThe World Cup in in full swing, with today’s match of The United States vs. England at 2:30pm. Who do you think will win?


What to do, what to do?

Here are some options for you this weekend in Hoboken!


While I’d recommend that everyone take a breather and slack off all day on Sunday – here’s a couple things that might interest you…

  • If you’re busy on Saturday, still plenty of movie times to fit your schedule at Clearview Cinemas (all day and night)
  • Wander over to Sinatra Drive between 4th and 11th Streets – which is shut down to (most) vehicular traffic. Count how many cars get damaged from reckless kids and uncoordinated middle aged parents. (10am to 6pm)
  • Head over to the “bitchin” Special Council meeting at City Hall – to discuss the dreaded Municipal Garage re-location. Watch in amazement as government hypocrisy records are shattered. (7pm)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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