More pre-Halloween vandalism

Previously, Hoboken criminals (no age limit applies) really had no excuse to commit crimes. They were just dregs of society.

Now, despite still having no excuse, they think they do, because it’s near Halloween.

Today, a caller notified police about a heavily damaged vehicle on Sinatra Drive (between 7th and Sinatra Park). Many smashed windows and tail lights.

Park your car in a garage if possible, or at least a populated and well-lit area closer to Washington.

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Don’t worry, you will see plenty of that tonight as well. Actually, walking down Washington St. on the way to the PATH early this morning was absolutely disgusting. I cannot even comprehend how so many eggs can be thrown all over the sidewalks and buildings without anyone noticing. Since there’s no appreciable rain in the forcast for a while to clean it up, it’s only going to get worse.


What ever happened to just tossing eggs?