Hoboken Elks Comedy Night

11/4/2007 Video:

I need to find a better way to make videos. This project consumed me. Hundreds of clips, almost 2 hrs of video to sift through.

But here it is for you to enjoy. Some scenery, and about 6 minutes highlighting some funny punchlines from the night. If you see the camera shaking, I was laughing a bit too hard. I held the camera in my hands for the whole show.


Thank you Hoboken Elks Comedy Night for making me laugh so hard I couldn’t keep the camera steady, and allowing me to finally get more than 4 hours of sleep.

Over 200 people, good food, great comics, and cold beer. Here’s a few pics, video compilation coming later.


See more shots of the attendees after the jump.


11/2/2007 Reminder:

Tonight you’ll be in for a huge comedy treat, good food, and cheap drinks!


See the previous events after the jump.

3/6/2007 Recap:

Still the funniest comedy show in Hoboken!

Despite me being up two straight days and fading fast, we still had a great time at the Second “Not-so-Annual” Comedy Night at the Elks Club. Perfect layout suitable for this type of event, and they also made more room for tables this time by re-locating the food trays to the bar area. Well done. Hopefully the Third “Not-quite-Quarterly” Comedy Night will arrive sooner rather than later!

Here’s a funny clip from comedian Jimmy Q., who had us all believing he was from Ireland his whole performance.

See a few more grainy sleep-deprived shots below.



2/28/2007 Update:

More fun comedy coming this Friday, but most people will probably be resting for the “drunk fest” on Saturday! Thanks Knuckleheads for the quote!




Seems like Hoboken is turning into a big comedy club (notwithstanding the wacky politics and reckless juveniles).

We’ve had regular showings of the Hoboken Sunday Comedy Night at the Goldhawk, tonights “Free Love” Comedy Night also at Goldhawk, and now the First Annual Hoboken Elks Comedy Night.

elks2gif.gifWhat: First Annual Hoboken Elks Comedy Night
When: Friday, November 3rd, 8:00pm
Where: Hoboken Elks Lodge #74 (10th and Washington, next to Elysian)
Cost: $20 (includes free buffet dinner)


  • The Knuckleheads
    (Comedy Central, VH1)
  • Vito Lans
  • Nick Stevens
    (Comedy Central, VH1, ESPN’s “Dream Job”)

All proceeds benefit the Elk Scholarship Fund.

November 3, 2006

This event turned out to be a great time. No big fights or riots. As a follow-up to that Major Melee at the Elks Club back in September, it wasn’t poor management or improper booking that led to that unruly scene. That particular event was reserved by a notable member of the Elks. The undesirables that arrived to start the fight were uninvited and entered without permission.

On to the show.

The doors opened at 8:00pm with a $20 cover charge. Ample time to enjoy the complimentary buffet and have a few drinks. The comedy show began some time after 9:00pm, when we arrived. However, they had completely ran out of food, thus the cover was reduced to $10.

The Elks Club seems to be a perfect venue for a comedy show. A great stage setup and plenty of room. Warm living room style lighting and exposed brick gave it that nightclub feel. There were over 100 people in attendace. Almost reminded you of a Caroline’s type arrangement.

They had one waitress serving the entire room, and she was amazingly efficient. If you chose not to wait, you could also go to the bar off to the side to quickly get another drink.

The show moved at a frenetic pace, with no breaks in the action. Talent of the comics was pretty good, with some being better than others. While this was originally slated to be an “Annual” event, it’s possible that founders of the show will consider doing it more frequently. It’s certainly something I’d like to see in Hoboken more often.


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Thanks to all who came and to the Knuckle Heads and friends for making this happen. Also to Tom Foley & Holly Boo and the kitchen staff. This event is a benefit for the Hoboken Elks Edwin Chius Scholarship Fund. Each year between 2 and 4 thousand dollars in college scholarships are awarded in Ed Chius’ memory. Eddie would have really enjoyed the event.
Thanks again.
Rick G…..Trustee…..Hoboken Elks
……nice job with the video posting…..time well spent.


Yeah…Somerville was funny too. His description of the “couples” shower was dead on. Loofa…what’s a loofa?!


I agree, had a great time..
I loved the one about the pilot with the rabi and catholic priest and the 2 kids.. The last guy was the best.. So funny.. Can’t wait for the next one as well.


It WAS fun! Maybe it’s under the catagory “You had to be there” but the Ben Franklin guy was killin me!

Also….thanks to the Elks for providing such an enormous spread. They seem to have a great volunteer staff there.

Good night all ’round