Ah yes, Halloween mischief

I guess when you get older, you tend to forget the mischief night / cabbage night that usually preceded Halloween back in the day.

Seems like the “up to no good” behavior in Hoboken starts sooner (and lasts longer).

This time it’s a bunch of (typically criminal to begin with) Hoboken Juveniles tossing eggs everywhere along the Criminal Superhighway near 4th and Adams.

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Besides the usual Halloween mischief isn’t this the time of year for the gangs like the Latin Kings and the Bloods to recruit new members?


I hope so.. I don’t feel like having to stand guard at the front door of my place, bat in hand, waiting to jump out and club any of the punks who decide it would be funny to throw a rock through the window..


I think the policia will be all over tonite. I noticed them parked or standing all over on my way home last nite.


Yeah, who would have seen an extra hour of mayhem coming? Oh, yeah, anyone with a desk calendar.


This was all between about 11 pm and 3:30 am.

One thing that had a lot to do with it, I think, is that the bars were open for an additional hour, as when it became 2 am, it immediately became 1 am again…