Week in Review 10/29/2006

Welcome new readers and old. Here are a few things that were covered in the last seven days.

News, items of importance:

Town Government:


New or Coming Soon:

  • Bambi Baby
    Some new businesses really have a niche they can fill.
  • Tennis Courts
    Along with a 1/2 court basketball area. Finished just in time for the cold weather.
  • “Suit Up”
    Seems like an apparel store back on Monroe Street.
  • Joey’s BBQ
    A much anticipated grub joint should be opening any day now.
  • Yapple’s
    A juice and oxygen bar + tanning will be opening soon. Some debate ensued regarding the name.
  • Maxwell Place
    Some new photos and discussion followed about parks and how they re-negged on their promises.


  • Nothing officially made the “doomed” category this week. Sorry!


  • Court Street
    We stopped into this very popular restaurant to give it a taste.
  • Teak
    One of the larger places in town opened up under mixed reviews.

Fun, Games and Random Observations:

  • Fall Foliage River Cruise
    You still have a few weeks to take a trip up the Hudson and observe the seasons change.
  • Bird Watching
    We thought it was an eagle, but it turned out to be a Red-Tailed Hawk paying a visit to terrorize local squirrels.

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Check the Incident Map
    The recent retardation you can’t read about anywhere else.


– 10/22/2006
– 10/15/2006
– 10/8/2006
– 10/1/2006

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