Hoboken Oil Spill closes Willow Ave.


Hoboken has own oil spill to contend with

Shortly before noon today, an unknown vehicle leaked considerable amounts of petroleum-based liquid on the northbound side of Willow Avenue from 15th Street to over the bridge into Weehawken. It was reported that cars were sliding all over the place, but no accidents took place. It was suspected it could have been a bus coming from Hoboken.

Hoboken Fire and Police quickly responded to cordon off the area, and redirected traffic accordingly. Hoboken DPW, along with the Port Authority arrived later to lay sand and soak the oil up.

Curiously, Mayor Zimmer was nowhere to be found, because she’s apparently only concerned with oil spills thousands of miles away from Hoboken.

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Slick! Looks like somebody forgot to tighten the plug on the oil pan.