Hazardous Situation at Stevens Institute

6/7/2010 Update 6:10pm:

Jersey City HazMat aids Hoboken

Jersey City has sent their Hazmat units in to backup Hoboken – and if you listen live to the Hoboken411 Police and Fire Action Channel – you’ll hear that they’ve gone into the lab where the chemical leak took place. The firefighter said the “VOC” (Volatile Organic Compound level) was 10.0. They’ve gone into a lab to remove an orange trash can, red bucket, some “purple liquid” and a vial that is suspected of causing the problem.

6/7/2010 4:30pm:

Hazmat on scene at Stevens Institute in Hoboken

Several individuals treated so far…

According to witnesses, about an hour in the past, some kind of chemical spill in the basement of a building on River Terrace (between 5th and 6th) at Stevens Institute may have overcome several people. Hoboken Police, Fire, EMS and AmCare were called to the scene, along with the HFD Hazmat unit.

So far, AmCare has treated five individuals, but none have required transport to the hospital. It’s believed two others are being checked out at the moment. A triage center has been set up on River Terrace north of 5th Street. It’s unknown at the moment what the noxious chemicals were, or what potential dangers exist. Several students outside the area were heard discussing why onlookers were allowed so close “if it was a very dangerous condition.”

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