Pedistrian Struck by Auto

This happened exactly between Liberty Bar and City Bistro / Uptown Pizza.

Some girl was hit by a car.

Why between there? There is no crosswalk. At least for sane, sober people.

Remember this award-winning DVD-series: “Drunk pedestrians vs. Drunk drivers = Drivers always win!

Note to self: Always drive when thinking about stuff like this!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006 9:45 am

walking uptown is awful. Every car either just came off speeding off the turnpike, or zooming down the viaduct, or racing to get into the tunnel. Rather than go up or down Washington, they choose to cut through smaller streets like Garden. They zip back and forth across 14th St. Maybe this person wasn’t in a crosswlk, but in a little town like Hoboken that has shops, stores, houses just 10′ from the edge of the street, cars should never be going so fast that they can’t stop in time. Drivers should be more cautious and responsible.

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