New Hoboken Tennis Courts

A reader kindly reminded me that I have forgotten to post this little tidbit.

With all the “lack of park space” bashing we’ve been doing, we sometimes forget that some things do actually get done, such as the newly renovated tennis courts/basketball court at Columbus Park. They did a good job with this and deserve to be recognized. True, they started the project and the beginning of the tennis season (April) and moved at a snail’s pace before finishing in this month, but it sure is nice to have a lighted public tennis court in Hoboken.

clap. clap. clap.


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It is county park….the cynic in me thinks it was finished right on time for the elections.

Enjoy them as the Mayor is removing the promised tennis courts for 1600 Park plans and the tennis courts on top of the parking lots from the pre-election mailers gone too…

Hey, maybe we can get a tennis court and some park land in SW Hoboken too. Elections in May.


we need a permit?


And there’s a nice halfcourt hoop (glass backboard) at the south end as well…


Yes. I played a few different times at night two weeks ago (before it suddenly became winter). The courts are nice, and since most people aren’t aware that they reopened, I didn’t have to wait for a court once.


Can the general Public access these courts with Permit?