The Hunt Contest


I knew it’d be hard to give fun stuff away. Out of the whopping 8 entries received for the Hunt contest, only 4 were valid (pictures & a recap of the day).

So rather than try to “judge” the entries, I’ll publish them individually for you all to read, and will have a poll after you’ve had a chance to read them. And so the “4th Place” entry doesn’t feel bad, I’ll have a prize for them, too. Everyone wins!

PS, I may make the contests less complicated in the future. Like “100th caller” wins the prize. But I don’t have a radio show, and we use a computers, not phones. So that won’t work. Oh whatever, I’ll figure it out. More fun contests coming…


Let’s see how difficult it’ll be to give away over $500 worth of Club KO gift certificates!

Far Hills Race Meeting

Calling all readers attending this years hunt!

Hoboken411 is not attending the 2007 Far Hills Race Meeting on Saturday, October 20th, because besides it being my Birthday Weekend, I also have prior obligations (with some much deserved rest & relaxation too). I’ve had good times at previous events (which many call a glorified tailgate party), and other times it’s been downright horrible and painful.

In the past, some days were beautiful and warm, some were cold, rainy and a big mess. At this time, the current Accuweather forecast says: “Partly Sunny & breezy, around 69 degrees”. But there is a good chance there will be some thunderstorm activity the night before and into the morning, so you might want to be prepared for a little muddy action.

What do I have to do?

Hoboken411 wants your pictures from this years event if you’re going. You can win a Club KO membership, or gift certificates for private kickboxing sessions. All you need to do is submit a compelling & fun recount of what your day was like, along with supporting pictures.

Good, bad or ugly, I want them all! From jovial good times, to drunken nightmares, bring your cameras and try and remember what happened. From how you got there (train, bus, car) to what you did all day (drink, fall, cry) and how you got back (wiped out, vomited, hooked-up, passed out). Try and document as much as possible from start to end.

How do I win?

Submit photos and write-ups to: I’ll then review all submissions (with a little help from some judges) and announce the winners by the end of the month.

What can I win?

Grand Prize Winner wins a ten week Club KO program (valued at $399), which is unlimited kickboxing classes, one day a week HIT training (High Intensity Weight Training), nutrition plan, and coaching throughout the process. People generally lose about 5% body fat.

2nd & 3rd consolation prizes – two Club KO personal kickboxing training sessions (valued at $90).

What if no one enters?

Well, that’s a possibility, as I have no idea how many 411 readers attend this event. Plus some folks might be afraid of getting into shape. If that happens, we’ll save the prizes for another contest.


Here’s some random photos from previous years.

hunt past 1 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 2 - The Hunt Contest

More below:

More randomly selected pics from previous years. Some were nice, some were cold and dreary.

hunt past 3 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 4 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 5 - The Hunt Contest

hunt past 6 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 7 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 8 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 9 - The Hunt Contest
hunt past 9b - The Hunt Contest

hunt 9c - The Hunt Contest
hunt 9d - The Hunt Contest
hunt 9e - The Hunt Contest

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Yes any update?


Hey 411 – any winner yet?


[quote comment=”49075″][quote comment=”49063″]
3:30 Board the train back to Hoboken.[/quote]

That’s great, but you’re leaving out the window between 3:30pm and 3:30am, which can best be summed up as:



True I left some out:
5pm Arrive Hoboken
5:30- 1am Bar hop
1am -3:30am Walk along quiet residential blocks screaming.

Definitely “Night of the Living Drunks” on Saturday, so heads up.[/quote]


This event is great. Everyone that lives in North NJ should have to go at least once in their life. I love the people that get all dressed up considering this place gets to be a muddy mess. Watch out for the fights as there are always a few. All in all though great way to spend a Saturday.


I’m going to win the contest 😀