Partial building collapse

This sounded worse than it was after seeing what happened.

A building was gutted and being renovated at 1018 Garden Street late this afternoon.

From speaking with one of the construction workers, the top two floors (16 feet from the rear) had partially collapsed.

The Hoboken building inspector, Al Arezzo, was on his way to determine what happened, and if there were any violations. I lost interest at this point.

Thank god it wasn’t an occupied home filled with grand pianos and giant metal safes.


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It takes about a year before Architechural plans are complete, zoning gets approved, and the Building Department approves. Throw in waiting for your contractor to become available for you and 1 year is nothing. You would not know this Naryan because you rent. If you lived there your whole life you should have bought it on the cheap 20 years ago instead of sitting in Union complaining. Union is a dump.


No problem. I barely understood those guys whenever I would visit just for old times sake. Guess now I can go and have fun by heading down there and just gloating. ^_^


Actual address of the collapse: 1014 Garden St.
Actual collapse: Rear room of lower two floors.
How do I know: Actual former resident of the building. I’m out in Union, now, and that was where I lived all my life. It was a real idiot move by the new owner, who had bought the house and didn’t do anything for a year, but still forced us out within a month of the sale. So all I have to say is kudos to him, and have fun with your new house.


Thaks for the tip Chas