Bambi Baby – Renovated

Bambi Baby renovates in Hoboken, NJ

In a scary moment for parents – Bambi Baby at 1204 Washington had papered up windows! But never fear – no WAY a baby store could ever close down for good in Hoboken!

They’re just “renovating.”

Although they’re a week past the date they were supposed to be opening back up, they’re as close as they can be! Whew!

We also think it’s just a matter of time before yet another baby store finds it’s way into town.

Bambi Baby Hoboken NJ Closed

Description: Baby Store featuring Strollers, furniture, bedding, car seats, toys, accessories, feeding equipment and more.
Address: 1204 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 222-1132

Bambi Baby predicts Baby Boom in Hoboken NJ

10/20/2006 Original Post:

Opening on November 4th, 2006 and replacing the old Neyra Leather shop, is a new baby store specializing in baby stollers, bedding, car seats, furniture and many other things.

This store should do quite well, especially uptown. They’ve been in business for 30 years in West New York. This is their second location.


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Visited Bambi, found it to be a pleasant shop, if anything. Prices fair, help friendly, wish them the best of luck!


Hopefully they will have enough room for stock to make this a valid place to buy all the baby gear. If not free shipping goes a long way these days. Regardless we do really need more stores that carry the baby stuff….Still it is great to have anything but a new phone store or bank in this town……

Red Haven
Red Haven

That’s rich… the great hijacker of threads — whewwhewwhew — is telling us what we can and cannot say here? Please spare me.

I hope the store is very successful and helps keep people in Hoboken beyond pre-school years. Don’t skimp on your stroller. Buy an extra diaper bag. All the best. Can’t wait to visit.

Happy now, tool?


What do these posts have to do with the New Baby store? Go to the chat board if you want rant endlessly about nothing. Leave these comment sections on point so the readers can get a feel for the business and not your slanted views… who cares. Hoboken411 was created to shed light on the town and it’s happenings. It is not a message board like the now doomed Hobokeni.

Red Haven
Red Haven

[quote comment=”5090″]Babies the NEW “born and raised” of Hoboken ![/quote]

Sadly westy, “Born and Raised” is more of a state of mind and a mantra used by some to get shady zoning variances than a fact actually related to one’s birthplace.

There are people who moved here 20-25 years ago whose kids were born and raised here, but those kids are NOT considered “born and raised” by the originals.

To many (but not all) of the BandR’s these “new” born and raised are just “some &%$#* yuppie’s kids.” Sad, but true.