Shop Rite


Description – Supermarket, Liquor, Pharmacy, Photo lab
Services – Grocery, Liquor,Pharmacy,Food store,Photo lab. Delivery
Website –
Address –
900 Madison St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 792-6070,(201) 792-6241

shoprite%201 - Shop Rite

shoprite%202 - Shop Rite

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Shoprite is very convenient for anyone who has a car in Hoboken or who lives nearby and the selection is pretty good (overall) but the checkers are so lazy! Most don’t even lift a finger to help bag. Is there that much of a lack of workforce that they have to hire people who obviously aren’t interested in working?!


Question, what grocery store do you guys prefer?

Shop-Rite, A&P, or Kings?

How about Fresh Direct too, anyone ever try that?

I like Shop Rite for my big shops, A&P if I need something in a pinch, and Kings for all my meats and cold cuts.