Led Zepplica is Amazing!

A day trip turns into Led Zepplica side-show!


Much to my chagrin, I decided to help a friend with some heavy lifting (furniture move), and took a trip up to Cape Cod, MA in mid-May. We made the early morning weekday trip up in record time, unloaded the pieces – had lunch – and headed back to Hoboken. All fine and dandy. That is, until a catastrophic breakdown.

Right outside New London, CT – his transmission conked out, and we were stuck on Route I-95. Lucky for him, a Volvo dealer wasn’t too far away, and we were able to get a tow over. But the repair was going to take a day, and we were too far from the house on the Cape – so we had to put our thinking caps on. A hotel room was in order, and in no way were we going to stay in some flea-bit highway lodge. “Ding!” “What about Mohegan Sun? It’s right up 395,” my friend asked. “Sure,” I said – realizing we just began an impromptu casino vacation.

Mohegan Sun, here we come!

Forty minutes later, zero luggage in tow – we arrive at the massive complex on the Mohegan Reservation. I had been to the Mohegan in the past (remember that Hoboken bus trip?), but forgot how voluminous it was, as they’ve apparently been expanding it over the years. We check into our rooms, and start milling around, grab a bite – play some roulette – have a few drinks. Then I stumble across a music venue called “The Wolf Den.”

To my excitement, a Led Zeppelin tribute band called “Led Zepplica” was playing that night. Now I’m not really a live-music act lover, but considering Led Zeppelin is truly the best rock band that has ever existed, I had to check it out. I snuck into the area and asked the band (who was warming up, performing sound checks) if I could interview them, and film a few songs. I told them about Hoboken411, and the readership, and they said “Sure – we’d be happy if you did a feature on us!”

Led Zepplica – Best Zep tribute band on earth

Led Zepplica consists of:

  • Lead singer Joe Retta – who has one amazing voice. He also performs as Freddy Mercury with a Queen cover band – and does Ronnie James Dio – who sadly passed away just three days after this concert (May 16, 2010). Retta sings so well, that he was invited to sing at Ronnie James Dio’s Public Memorial Service at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles this Sunday, May 30th. Amazing.
  • Drummer Daryl Johnson – who has such an admiration for what Led Zeppelin meant for the music world.
  • Guitarist Lenny Mann – a member of Led Zepplica for 11 years – and chosen to be part of the band because of the “Jimmy Page” in his guitar playing style.
  • And newest member Johnny Bruhns – who plays bass, keyboards amongst many other instruments.

Led Zepplica Videos

I was able to get backstage passes – as well as access to any part of the venue. I chose to shoot some video from the control room above the stage. Despite not being prepared for this impromptu project (no tripod, etc) – I managed to respectably capture a few complete songs. Here’s “Ramble On:”

I also spent some time before the show started with the band downstairs – and whipped this brief interview together. Did you know they were chosen to be part of a big Canadian music tour last year – and were picked because they’re “the best Led Zeppelin Tribute band on earth!”

See “What is and never should be” after the jump! (Excellent!)

(Led Zepplica, continued…)

One last thing I wanted to include is – that this is a primarily West Coast band – and besides the two times they’ve played the Mohegan Sun – have NEVER appeared in the NYC Tri-State area. So seeing them may be difficult. I’ll say this much – if they ever play again, within three hours of Hoboken – I’ll be sure to remind everyone!

Led Zepplica: What is and what should never be

The camera was a bit more wobbly on this one – but was my favorite song, and had to include it! Plus, Joe Retta’s vocals rocked on this song. Too bad they’re not more local!

Hope you Led Zeppelin fans enjoyed this fun diversion!

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AWESOME. Wish they’d play at Maxwell’s.


How much did you drop at the tables?


Another page in history – rock on!