Sloppy delivery

Another random observation, but have any of you noticed the free Daily News papers that are delivered every day?

I didn’t get a great picture, but there are dozens of these newspapers scattered along and cluttering the sidewalks of each block every day. I saw one lady almost slip and fall on one. Did they hire an amputee to toss these things out the window of a moving car? At least the Reporter and even those coupon pouches make it onto the property.


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In reference to the above posts about ordinaces against advertising (chinese menus, the Daily News’ etc…), there is an ordinance against this that was put into effect 2-3 years ago. There are little yellow stickers (from City Hall?) that you put on the front of your entrance somewhere. It says “No Ads” with a Ghostbuster-like symbol around it. In the beginning it worked, but eventually, the menus and such started piling up again. The deal is, a buisness is supposed to skip your home if you have this posted. If they ignore it, then report them to the proper city officals and they will be fined. FYI-Same thing goes for advertising on car windshields and street poles.


What is up w/local kids, who sometimes collect old Jersey Journals?


They actually leave the correct amount in my building for the number of apartments, but the thing is only 1 or 2 people read them, and the rest sit there, scattered all over the entryway of the place. Especially those coupon ones in the white plastic bags. Those wind up all over the floor in a huge mess.


I happen to read them. But agree with skywalker about the mass quantities. They dumped about 50 of them in my vestibule and there are only 10 apartments.


Did you ever notice how the Chinese Menus are always placed counter clockwise to the East on the weekend and clockwise to the West on the weekdays ending in “s”?